Meri Brown Still Defends Kody Brown After Split

Sister Wives fans noticed that Meri Brown is still defending Kody long after their split. Even though she moved on, she wants to protect her former husband from the recent backlash. Each member of the family is currently grieving the loss of Garrison Brown differently. Meri revealed her thought process, which shocked fans. Keep on reading to learn more.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown Defends Kody Brown

On the latest Reddit thread, one user noticed that Meri Brown is still defending Kody. The thread reads, “Meri’s recent defense of Kody.”

Even though she’s in mourning, she’s still having her Friday with Friends Instagram Live chats. During the latest livestream, Meri asked her fans not to blame Kody for Garrison’s death.

Meri Brown Still Defends Kody Brown After SplitThe fan had a change of heart and deleted the post. The original poster talked about how Meri is still defending Kody. She jumped in to protect him from the trolls.

Even though the Sister Wives star moved on from their marriage, this tragic loss could’ve caused a setback. Some fans have a feeling that Meri hasn’t truly moved on from Kody.

“Kody hasn’t defended or protected Meri for years (even when she needed it the most). He also stated he hardly ever thinks about Meri. I think it’s sad that at a time like this Meri still prioritizes worrying about Kody. I agree that Meri’s focus shouldn’t be on protecting/defending Kody. It doesn’t make her a better person, just a person still stuck on somebody who used and discarded them in an extremely cruel way,” one fan noted.

“I think in some small corner of her heart she’s hoping if she becomes the good little wife again, Kody might take her back,” another user wrote.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Brings Up Sensitive Topic

According to the other Sister Wives fans, this is a sensitive subject matter. There are more complicated relationships within the Brown family than what meets the eye.

The OP was taken down after some fans argued that the family has yet to fully grieve.

“I think the viewers need to take a step back. Also, what’s Meri supposed to say? ‘Yep! Kody’s to blame.’ It’s gross to me that people feel so comfortable speculating and placing blame directly on these strangers on social media,” one user argued.

Other fans took it as if Meri Brown was defending her family. She’s not the only one who’s called out the recent criticism. Janelle Brown addressed the “snarky comments” she received in recent weeks.

“It’s loyalty to her family. Those comments are deranged and she has every right to step one,” another user wrote.

Meri Brown also realizes the complexity associated with suicide. Garrison may have had a strained relationship with his father.

He also struggled with alcoholism and mental health issues. While it’s easy to assign the “blame” on someone, the individuals need to uncover the truth for themselves so they can heal.

What are your thoughts on what Meri Brown said? Do you think she’s still defending Kody Brown? Or, do you think people need to lay off right now? Sound off below in the comment section.

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