King Charles Wants To Remove Prince Andrew’s Private Security At Royal Lodge

King Charles Wants To Remove Prince Andrew's Private Security At Royal LodgeKing Charles is determined to make Prince Andrew move out from the Royal Lodge and Andrew is reportedly insisting on staying put.

Charles’ efforts to vacate Andrew from the property was said to have doubled when the Jeffrey Epstein client list was released and Andrew’s name made the cut.

Close sources to the disgraced Duke say he has “a cast iron lease” on the property and is not interested in leaving it for the smaller Frogmore Cottage. Perhaps he may be persuaded to leave when he has no more security.

Prince Andrew To Fund Impressive Royal Lodge Security If He Wants To Stay At the Property

Since Andrew stepped down from his royal duties following his 2019 Newsnight interview, he hasn’t enjoyed a penny from the royal fund. As a result of this, he is no longer capable of maintaining the sprawling multi-million dollar property located on Windsor grounds.

For this very reason, King Charles offered his younger brother Frogmore Cottage, which is a smaller and easier to maintain property, but Andrew is not budging.

The property has been Andrew’s home for thirty years, after he received the property as a gift from the Queen Mother.

He raised his two daughters there, and they still visit the property with their families from time to time. Andrew primarily resides in the property with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, though they stay at different wings.

However, sources close to the Royal Family told The Telegraph that Charles is determined to out Andrew from the mansion, even if it means cutting off his private security.

If he still doesn’t want to leave, Andrew will have to find a means to not only maintain the property but pay for its security.

As for the Epstein files, Andrew’s name appears alongside other influential figures like Bill Clinton, who was named more than 50 times, Michael Jackson, and Donald Trump.

Following the release of the documents, Keir Starmer and members of The Republic have called for a criminal investigation to be reopened regarding Andrew’s involvement in Epstein’s trafficking world.

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