Jim Bob Duggar’s Sons Go Wild During Trip, Nearly Avoid Jail Time

Jim Bob Duggar’s sons are going wild on their European trip. They nearly avoided jail time. Fans are questioning their dangerous decision. This trip is shocking considering the fact Jim Bob’s kids grew up in a conservative and strict environment. Keep on reading to learn more.

Jim Bob Duggar’s – Sons Go Wild

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar went radio silent on social media since the arrest of their son, Josh. Two of their sons went on a wild trip that was documented on social media.

James and Jason shared their trip to Europe. They enjoyed beer in Germany and took part in a tour of the Gutenberg Castle in Liechtenstein.

Jim Bob Duggar's Sons Go Wild During Trip, Nearly Avoid Jail TimeThe Duggar boys are doing things they wouldn’t be allowed to do at home. That means getting into trouble. Counting On fans were shocked that they traveled overseas.

The sons have been trying some of the different foods in Europe. However, Jim Bob funded their trip since the brothers had no other source of income.

They look relaxed and casual on their trip. James and Jason are traveling with their friends. In many of the photos, they hold up the peace sign. James nearly got into legal trouble amid their trip.

The last thing that Jim Bob Duggar needs is for another son to end up in prison. Counting On fans called James out for his dangerous move.

James Duggar – Nearly Gets Arrested

James has been sharing most of his adventures on his Instagram feed. The TLC star climbed on top of an antique tank. He claims that he stumbled upon it during his walk into the woods. James wrote: “Randomly came across this tank while driving in Austria!”

In the photos, James gives the thumbs-up sign as he sits on the tank. He also shared another shot of the tank. The photos resurfaced on Reddit, where Counting On fans talked about this illegal move.

Meanwhile, other fans in the comment section of his Instagram post argued that he could’ve landed in jail for this dangerous photo.

“And you got permission to climb on it? In Texas, we don’t take kindly to people climbing all over stuff that isn’t theirs!” one fan wrote.

“Get off you goon,” another user commented.

“Austria + tank makes me think of WW2. What happened in Austria in WW2? …. nothing to glorify [SIC],” a third fan wrote.

As you can see, other fans argued that Jim Bob Duggar’s son shouldn’t have glorified this tank on social media. He’s been making questionable choices in recent months like posting shirtless gym selfies. Some fans argue it goes against his Christian beliefs.

What are your thoughts on Jim Bob Duggar’s son’s wild trip? Do you agree they could’ve gotten arrested for this bold move? Sound off below in the comment section.

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