GH Spoilers: Kristina Talks To Dante About Their Father’s Erratic Behavior-Accuses Ava Of Pill Tampering?

General Hospital Spoilers: Kristina Talks To Dante About Their Father's Erratic Behavior-Accuses Ava Of Pill Tampering?General Hospital (GH) spoilers and rumors tease Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Kate Mansi) will talk to Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) about their father’s erratic behavior.

She’ll accuse Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) “roommate” Ava Jerome (Maura West) of tampering with Sonny’s bipolar medication, remembering what happened with Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig)!

General Hospital Spoilers – They Haven’t Forgotten About Morgan

Kristina recently mentioned in a conversation about Ava that they, as the Corinthos family, hadn’t forgotten Morgan and that she killed Connie Falconeri (Kelly Sullivan).

Connie, also known as Kate Howard was killed with Ava claiming she was protecting Julian Jerome’s (William DeVry) witness protection identity, and then framing AJ Quartermaine (Sean Kanan).

Ava also manipulated Sonny into murdering AJ to cover up her killing of Kate, since she’d scrawled “AJ” on the floor in her own blood!

So now that everyone close to Sonny has seen his erratic and paranoid behavior, and he’s cut off everyone except Dante, trusting implicitly in Ava, Kristina knows she must take action.

She calls Dante to set up a meeting to talk about the downward spiral of their father and what she suspects Ava’s up to.

GH Spoilers – A Matter Of Life And Death!

Kristina feels like getting Dante involved in what’s happening with Ava is a matter of life and death, not trusting Ava any further than she can throw her.

Kristina isn’t the only one who thinks Ava is messing with Sonny’s meds, she’s talked to Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) and she’s got the same suspicions.

Dante recently had a meeting with Sonny and he verified that Sonny is very paranoid and anyone who disagrees with him on anything could be suspected of being a traitor.

Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) saw the signs the first time he met with him and thought he was off his meds, though Sonny denied it.

General Hospital Spoilers – Intervention Needed, Or Surveillance?

Kristina and Dante discuss two subjects relating to the danger Sonny’s in and how Ava might be involved; they decide both an intervention for Sonny and surveillance of Ava is needed.

As paranoid as Sonny is, and as observant-make that nosy-as Ava is, how are cameras ever going to be put up to surveil Ava, Kristina asks?

Dante tells Kristina to leave the surveillance details of Ava up to him, he’ll figure it out since Sonny still trusts him-so far, at least.

As far as the intervention is concerned, eventually that will be done, but for now, surveillance needs to be set up, and part of that is getting a sample pill.

Ava and Sonny will both need to be distracted as well as Sonny’s guards; perhaps a fire call will work, with a fake alarm thanks to Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson).

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