GH Spoilers: Jason’s Generous Offer May Be the One That Carly Accepts

General Hospital spoilers leak Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) was taken aback by Diane Miller’s (Carolyn Hennesy) friendly dose of truth serum.

Hearing the play-by-play of how Carly Spencer’s (Laura Wright) life has played out in his absence over the last two years came as a crushing blow to Jason. Learning his estate —- half of which goes to Carly in the event of Jason’s death — never made it to her because of legal red tape, Jason can’t help but feel partially responsible for leaving Carly in dire straits.

She never would have lost her half of the Metro Court if he were around — or at least that’s what he’ll tell himself.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason's Generous Offer May Be the One That Carly Accepts

So when Jason offers up a substantial gift to help Carly bounce back from the setbacks she has faced in the last two years, it’s anyone’s guess whether she’ll help.

General Hospital Spoilers — He’s Not The First

Carly is no stranger to having men swoop in and save her from herself when she gets in over her head.

No one has bailed her out more than Jason has — and in so many ways. He always pulls her back from the brink.

But without him around, she had to settle for the resources available to her. Far from an opportunist, Carly never wanted to be in a position where she had to lean on any other man in her life.

Despite what he did to her, she wasn’t even okay with leaving Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and taking his money with her.

When Drew and Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) wanted to give her the money to save her share of the hotel, she wouldn’t have it. But it’s different when the handout comes from Jason.

GH Spoilers – Claim Drew Cain’s Head Spins

When Drew gets wind of Carly’s willingness to even consider taking Jason up on his offer to help her back on her feet, it’s going to set his world on fire.

Sure, he’s doing his best to move on from his relationship with Carly — and he’s the one who ended things in the first place — but finding out she’s on board with accepting help from his twin brother instead of him will cut deep.

Drew went to prison for Carly, and while she was willing to let him take that fall in her place, she wasn’t willing to let him get her back to stability. Why is Jason an exception to her independence?

General Hospital Spoilers — This Changes Everything

It’ll leave Drew reeling to see Carly accepting Jason’s helping hand, and it just might make him rethink moving on after their clean break with no hard feelings.

Admitting to himself that he can’t stand Jason and Carly’s closeness isn’t an option, so he just might throw himself into rubbing her nose in his new engagements as much as he feels she’s doing so to him.

If he has to have a front-row seat to Carly rebuilding her life with Jason’s help, it may only feel fair to him to ensure she doesn’t miss it when he steps out on the town with Nina Reeves Corinthos (Cynthia Watros). Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to see how this shakes out.

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