Forbidden Love: New TLC Show Sees Couples With Major Religious Differences

New TLC reality show Forbidden Love
New TLC reality show Forbidden Love [Image TLC]

Coming from Sharp Entertainment, the 90 Day Fiancé creators, Forbidden Love follows the relationships of four couples with major religious differences.

The show’s cast features a man who found love outside the Amish community that raised him. It also features an Orthodox Jew, married to a Catholic woman and more.

Every relationship sees one person either converting or deciding to relinquish their family’s origin and culture.

However, with all the pressures they experience, will this strengthen their relationships, or cause their love to fail? Read on to find out more about the couples of Forbidden Love and how they are coping right now.

Cast members of TLC show Forbidden Love

Eli, 32, and Laurie, 36

Forbidden Love stars Eli and Laurie
Forbidden Love stars Eli and Laurie [Image TLC on YouTube]

Eli is an Orthodox Jew, while Laurie was raised as a Catholic. Laurie had already abandoned her religion after her father’s untimely death. However, if she wants to be with Eli, she will need to convert to Judaism. In a teaser for Forbidden Love, Eli explains, “The only way the relationship works is if Laurie converts.” Meanwhile, adopting Eli’s religion doesn’t come easily, as the Italian catholic girl needs to completely change her lifestyle to make their relationship last. Moreover, as she studies for tests and alters her hair and clothing, Laurie wonders if she is giving up too much to be with the love of her life.

Lindsey, 34, and Elmer, 23

Lindsey and Elmer
Lindsey and Elmer in Forbidden Love [Image TLC on YouTube]

Elmer was raised in an Amish community but left his past behind to marry Lindsey. However, he finds it hard to adapt to the “English” world and is facing problems with his family. Moreover, Lindsey is almost a decade older than Elmer, and she assumed he would be wholesome, with no wandering eye. However, being with someone raised Amish is a lot different than she expected. In the trailer for the series, Lindsey said, “Maybe I took on more than I can handle.” Meanwhile, to complicate things, Lindsey is pregnant. Will their chemistry and sense of humor see them through the rough patches?

Ashley, 31, and Mohammad, 31

Ashley and Mohammed on Forbidden Love
Ashley and Mohammed on Forbidden Love [Image TLC on YouTube]

While Ashley was raised in a conservative Catholic family, she married Mohammad, who is Muslim. However, their relationship has already caused problems within their families. In fact, Mohammad’s twin objected to his decision to marry a non-Muslim woman, while Ashley’s community is stunned by her choice of husband.

Meanwhile, the couple shares a three-year-old daughter and Mohammed wants Ashley to convert so their child has a Muslim mother. However, she’s not sure that’s what she wants, and her family tells her she shouldn’t have to change for her husband.

Lensa, 32, and Kris, 37

Lensa and Kris
Lensa and Kris on Forbidden Love [Image TLC on YouTube]

Kris is the son of a Pentecostal preacher but he has fallen for Lensa, who is Muslim. Due to this, the pair doesn’t always see eye to eye on faith issues. Lensa has already been in two arranged marriages and wants Kris to convert. Meanwhile, this leaves the couple and their families at odds. Will Lensa or Kris convert to the other’s religion, even if this means cutting ties with their family?

When does Forbidden Love premiere?

The new reality show, Forbidden Love, premieres on Sunday, July 21, at 10 pm ET/PT on TLC. Watch the teaser for the reality show here:




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