Fans Can’t Stand This New ‘Sister Wives’ Detail As Show Reportedly Resumes Filming In Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Even though the 19th season of the popular TLC reality TV show has been filmed, there are reports cameras are still rolling in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Fans sighted Kody and Robyn with a film crew, and, according to onlookers, he was romantically feeding her some fudge.

Could it mean that there will be surprises this season? For the first time since the word “surprise” was invented, fans hope not!

Sister Wives Spoilers – Why Fans Are Wary About What ‘Sister Wives’ Season 19 Could Reveal

Kody Brown went from a man with four wives to a man with one wife during the space of two years, and so far, he’s making the most of monogamy – who knows when he’ll change his mind about that.

But guess what? Fans aren’t particularly worried about what Kody Brown will do or will not do in the upcoming season.

Fans Can't Stand This New 'Sister Wives' Detail As Show Reportedly Resumes Filming In Gatlinburg, TennesseeTheir main interest lies in the revelation that Kody and Robyn Brown‘s daughter Aurora went wedding dress shopping. And let’s just say that fans are not happy about the implications of this information.

“Aurora is not mature enough to be married. Point blank period. Any guy who would marry her I would seriously question. Can’t even think about it. Yikes,” one fan commented.

Another suggested boycotting ‘Sister Wives’ should this storyline come to manifestation on the show. They wrote “I hope all of Sister Wives Reddit goes dark if they air any of Robyns kids getting married.”

As to what will and will not be shown on the upcoming season of the show, there’s been no concrete details, but there is reason to believe that how the family grieved the loss of Janelle and Kody’s child, Garrison Brown, will play into the drama fans can expect in the upcoming season.

Janelle is currently tackling grief by going on a road trip with her daughter Savannah. We don’t know how much screentime Christine and her new husband will be given on the show, if any at all.

While Meri’s tried her hand at dating, she’s currently single and enjoying a fun vacation.
In most part it seems as if the cameras will mostly follow Kody and Robyn and their five children.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the Sister Wives right now. Come back here often for all Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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