DOOL Spoilers: Eric Brady Needs EJ’s Legal Representation, Is It For His Divorce?

Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers suggest that Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) will ask EJ Dimera (Dan Feuerregel) for legal representation now that EJ isn’t the D.A. anymore.

Does Eric want EJ to handle his divorce from Sloan Petersen (Jessica Serfaty)? Will this lead to the truth about Baby Jude Brady (Olive McLarty) coming out?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers –  EJ Dimera Could Immediately Refuse

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers reveal that EJ is helping Sloan to stay on the run and away from the cops. EJ also knows that Jude is actually Eric’s son.

DOOL Spoilers: Eric Brady Needs EJ's Legal Representation, Is It For His Divorce?EJ has no intention of telling the truth about this so therefore someone else is going to have to reveal that truth about Jude. Will someone else reveal Jude’s paternity?

EJ doesn’t want Eric near his wife. The only reason that EJ brought Jude home was to keep Nicole from fantasizing about Eric, something he suspects she has already done.

How could EJ have missed this? Nicole still wants Eric to be around that baby. Will EJ find a way to stop Eric from coming around as well?

DOOL Spoilers – Eric Brady Want Rid Of Sloan Petersen

Eric wants to get rid of Sloan as soon as humanly possible Eric wants no ties to this woman at all when he is done. Eric doesn’t want to pay her alimony or anything else.

Eric certainly doesn’t want any kind of support from Sloan. Eric also doesn’t want Sloan to have a part of his business either. Eric is done.

Eric and Sloan have not worked out so far for them. After all, Sloan has done nothing but die from day one. Sloan has no idea how hurt Eric is or what he will do from here.

Eric has told Sloan he doesn’t want to see her again and no on can blame him. Will Eric get his freedom and reunite with the woman he truly loves?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Why EJ Dimera?

It isn’t like EJ is the only attorney in Salem so why the world would Eric turn to a man who hasn’t been very nice to him at all. EJ isn’t the only lawyer in town even though Belle Black (Martha Madison) is not in town.

Eric could have gotten in touch with Justin for that matter. Is Eric just trying to keep a connection to Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker)?

EJ could turn on Eric at any time. EJ is not at all trustworthy. EJ would do anything to get what he wants and that includes helping Eric’s wife hide from him.

Will EJ help drag this divorce out so Eric cannot take Nicole from him? What will happen when EJ’s part in the baby switch comes out?

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