DOOL Spoilers: EJ Taunts Stefan About The Drug Busts, Stefan Furious, So Much For Brotherly Love!

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers and updates tease EJ DiMera (Dan Feurreriegel) will taunt Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash) about the recent drug busts. Stefan looks like he’s ready to choke him-so much for brotherly love!

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Another Drug Raid By The Salem PD-Near The Bistro

EJ’s already got it in for Stefan and Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun) since Holly Jonas (Ashley Puzemis) overdosed in the alley behind the Bistro.

The warehouse raid took place in the warehouse where all of the Bistro’s supplies come from, and that was the second batch of supplies with drugs in them.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: EJ Taunts Stefan About The Drug Busts, Stefan Looks Ready To Choke Him-So Much For Brotherly Love!Ava and Stefan had played innocent and blamed the suppliers, but this time it’s too much of a coincidence to be one as far as EJ is concerned.

EJ and Stefan are in the DiMera mansion right in front of Stefano DiMera’s (Joseph Mascolo) portrait when EJ starts in on Stefan.

Stefan looks like he’s about to haul off and let his oldest brother have it regardless of him being the District Attorney!

DOOL Spoilers – You’re Going To Jail!

EJ keeps taunting Stefan about going to jail, and Stefan’s already mad at him for putting Gabi DiMera (last played by Camila Banus) there.

But she’d walked right into it by pulling that knife out of Li Shin (Remington Hoffman) so there wasn’t much of a defense available.

Apparently EJ hasn’t anything better to do than to give Stefan trouble and try to provoke him-and EJ’s got that way about him that makes him seem arrogant.

EJ’s “proper British arrogance” really gets on Stefan’s last nerve and he’d like to lock him up-perhaps in the Bistro’s freezer?

That would give EJ some help to cool his jets, but Stefan knows locking up the District Attorney in the freezer, half-brother or not, wouldn’t solve anything.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Clyde Weston’s The Problem

EJ should know that Clyde Weston’s (James Read) the problem and he more than anyone should know that if someone’s working for Clyde it’s usually not their choice.

Stefan and Ava are both being blackmailed, Stefan with harm to Gabi on the inside and Ava with harm to her only living son, Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams).

EJ and Clyde’s animosity goes back years, to a time when EJ himself was blackmailed to work for him and then was shot by Clyde’s henchman.

Stefan’s being tempted to just come clean about his being blackmailed by Clyde, but EJ gives him no reason to do so.

EJ is getting just as ambitious as Melinda Trask (Tina Huang) was, and seems only out for a win!

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