Dannielle Merrifield Feeds Garrick’s Ego, Enables His Polygamy

Seeking Sister Wife star Dannielle Merrifield keeps feeding her husband’s ego. Fans are saying that she’s the one who’s enabling his need for polygamy. He was accused of acting like he was God’s gift to women. Keep on reading to learn more.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers – Garrick Merrifield Thinks He’s God’s Gift To Women

Seeking Sister Wives can see Garrick Merrifield’s ego from a mile away. His ego has only gotten bigger ever since he first appeared on Seeking Sister Wife.

Viewers don’t understand why his wife Dannielle Merrifield sticks around when she’s clearly not happy. The couple is not legally married anymore.

Dannielle Merrifield Feeds Garrick's Ego, Enables His PolygamyGarrick divorced Dannielle so he could marry a sister wife from Brazil. Their marriage was struggling while he tried to bring in a new wife.

Garrick convinced Dannielle that polygamy was a calling from God. At first, Dannielle wasn’t comfortable with the idea, but she might believe he’s God’s gift to women.

Dannielle relied on her faith to get her through their difficult marriage. She prayed to God for an answer. She ended up following her husband instead of leaving him.

In the current season of Seeking Sister Wife, Garrick proclaims he wants to add another wife to their ever-growing brood.

He’s been looking for another wife behind both of his wives’ backs. Fans feel bad for Dannielle and don’t understand why she wants to stick around when she’s still not comfortable with polygamy.

Some believe that she feeds his ego so that he can believe that he can get beautiful young women.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers – Is Danielle Merrified To Blame?

One fan took to Reddit to discuss Dannielle Merrifield’s marriage. They accused her of enabling Garrick’s need for polygamy.

She makes him believe he can marry as many women as he wants. Garrick might not even love Dannielle anymore, but he stays with her because it’s convenient.

He also has a pattern of hurting women. This season, it looks like Dannielle will try to leave Garrick. However, there’s something that will bring her back. She could end up pregnant.

“It’s an interesting theory that she’s super aware none of this is ‘God’s plan’ but is pretending in order to stay with and support Garrick,” one fan noted.

“And ‘God’ choose a specific type of big boobs only Brazilian women from majority Spanish speaking countries??” another user asked.

Dannielle feels as if she’s playing the role of the doting wife. The couple already shares two sons. Only time will tell if she’s pregnant with another child.

What are your thoughts on Dannielle believing that Garrick can have as many wives as he wants? Do you think she’s feeding his ego? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more Seeking Sister Wife spoilers, news, and updates.

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