Whitney Way Thore’s Friends Stick Around Amid Backlash

Whitney Way Thore still has her friends even if she doesn’t have the support of her fans anymore. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star has received criticism over the years. She’s been called out for her disgusting antics. But that’s not the case with her friends. Keep on reading to learn more.

Whitney Way Thore’s – Friends Ignore Disgusting Habits

The MBFFL star has lost her share of fans over the years. It’s the risk you take when you share your weight loss and life with the world.

Whitney Way Thore has managed to keep her friends around, no matter what she does. She’s been accused of disgusting things that her friends ignore.

Whitney Way Thore's Friends Stick Around Amid BacklashMost fans have shared their dislike for the TLC star. She was criticized for the way that she treated people.

Most recently, fans called her out for using a friend’s wedding as a storyline for an upcoming season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. One fan made an interesting point about Whitney’s friend group on Reddit.

“Here’s my dumb question on my watch fest: Are her ‘friends’ getting hazard pay for dealing with WWT constantly peeing in the water around them, or do they all secretly have this urine fetish? Not one person seemed disgusted with her stench during her bus tour and no one seemed disgusted when she peed in the lake, or the pool, or the hot tub,” the OP asked.

The MBFFL fan base explained why Whitney Way Thore’s friends stick around despite her disgusting habits. Some believe they’re not as genuine as they come across. They like being a part of the TLC series.

“Yeah, I think this comes under the category of ‘close your eyes and think of your paycheck,'” one fan wrote.

“I think her ‘friends’ on the show need the money. Tal’s new place is charming but extremely small to me, and very cheap,” another user noted.

Whitney Way Thore – Questions About MBFFL Star

This brought up some personal questions about the reality star. It’s not uncommon for someone overweight to struggle with body odor.

Due to Whitney Way Thore’s gross habit, some fans wondered if she had this same issue. Her friends didn’t react to the camera nor have they said anything behind her back.

“I believe her stench is an acquired smell that ‘gets stuck in your nose’ and you don’t notice it anymore. Maybe?” one fan asked.

Notably, Whitney only has a small group of friends left. Not everyone has stuck around for her antics. For example, Will Powell kicked Whitney out of his gym. There is also speculation that Whitney ended her friendship with Ashley Baynes.

What are your thoughts on Whitney Way Thores’ friends? What do you think is the reason why they stick around? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more MBFFL spoilers, news, and updates.

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