Critics Think Prince William Receiving Major Military Title Was Timed To Antagonize Prince Harry

Critics Think Prince William Receiving Major Military Title Was Timed To Antagonize Prince HarryLet’s be honest, announcing that Prince William will be named the colonel in chief of the Army Air Corps just as Prince Harry was landing in the UK was a little bit suspicious.

To add steam to the fire, King Charles turned down the opportunity to meet his son Harry because of his work commitments, and get this, Harry rejected staying at a royal residence during his brief stay in the UK.

Instead, he opted to stay at a hotel not far from said royal residence, Buckingham Palace. Are we up to speed on this merry-go-round yet?

Royal Expert On What the Public Perception Will Be As To Prince William Receiving Military Role Now

On Monday, May 14, Prince William officially received the role of Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps – the combat aviation arm of the British Army – from his father King Charles.

However, since this has all been done to more or less coincide with Invictus Games’ 10th anniversary, many have seen it as a snub and clear sign to Prince Harry that the royal family is closing its ranks against him.

Speaking to The Sun’s Royal Editor Matt Wilkinson on the issue, royal correspondent Jack Royston said, “I think the perception for the public is going to be that it was deliberately timed to antagonise Harry. Even if that’s not the case, they probably should have tried to move it.”

He continued, explaining, “But they can, let’s assume for arguments sake it was all just coincidence, they can diffuse this whole situation. All Charles would have to do, it could be as simple as making an off the cut remark, all he would have to say is ‘oh yes my son was co-pilot gunner on one of these in Afghanistan. He served his country.'”

However little anyone might have liked it, yesterday was a Harry-free day as King Charles bestowed the role on his son and heir William.

While William served as a rescue pilot, Harry flew was in the Army Air Corps (AAC) for more than three years, qualifying as an Apache commander in 2012.

William, however, is still affiliated with the London Air Ambulance Charity and still helps to raise money for the organization. In 2022, with the Prince’s help, the charity raised its first £1 million.

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