Christine Brown Dropped $30k At Club 33

Sister Wives fans recall a time when Christine Brown dropped $30,000 at Club 33. She claimed that she struggled with money on the TLC show. However, fans noticed that she was frivolous with her savings. Keep on reading to learn more.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Brown Drops $30K At Disneyland

On the show, Christine Brown claimed she had money struggles. That’s not the case anymore. She’s living the life with her husband David Woolley.

The reality star took a trip to Disneyland California with their daughters Ysabel and Truely Brown. She posted a series of photos on her Instagram account on Wednesday, April 3.

Christine Brown Dropped $30k At Club 33“Had a BLAST at California Adventure and Disneyland!” Christine revealed in her post. “Club 33 was awesome! Thanks @sheridirden for the reservation!”

The Sister Wives star posted a carousel of photos on her Instagram feed. Most of them show Christine and David having fun at Club 33. The others showed the happy family at most of the Disneyland attractions.

Most fans were baffled by Christine’s humble brag about Club 33. They want to know how she afforded the membership.

Disneyland Resort Club 33 requires a $25,000 membership fee and then $10,000 every year afterward. Members drop $33,000 to join the secret club.

On top of that, they have to pay an annual fee of $15,000. Club 33 is so secretive that no one outside the membership knows what the high fee entails.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Fans Call Out Frivolous Star

This brought up a heavy debate on Reddit. One Sister Wives fans asked if others would spend $30,000 at Club 33 if they had the funds. “Would you pay 30k for a membership,” the original poster asked. The user went on to call out Christine Brown and David Woolley for being so frivolous with their money.

“I know I’ll be dragged for this but this seems frivolous to me when I don’t think either of them is right enough. Seems like a lot when they’re not a multimillionaire. There’s a difference between having money to spend and having money to squander. Yes, they are doing well right now but TLC won’t be around forever,” the user continued.

Some fans argued that Christine doesn’t make her money from the TLC show. Rather, she earns an income from MLM (multi-level marketing) ventures.

Others noted that the waitlist for Club 33 is five years. Some fans mentioned that it’s possible to receive a reservation from another member.

“I have family members who went because a family friend gave them a reservation for their honeymoon,” one fan wrote.

“I’ve been to country clubs for dinner plenty of times on a member’s reservation. Not actually a big deal at all,” another user argued.

Christine Brown did thank someone for the reservation in her Instagram post. What are your thoughts on her Disneyland trip? Sound off below in the comment section.

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