Alaskan Bush People Bear Brown Reveals New Tattoo … On His Forehead, Shocking Fans

Alaskan Bush People Bear Brown Reveals New Tattoo … On His Forehead, Shocking FansFans of Solomon “Bear” Brown from Alaskan Bush People fame recently shocked fans by posting a photo of his new “ink” … which happened to be located on his forehead!
Still, considering the day he shared this photo, was this a prank or real?

“Alaskan Bush People” Bear Brown Shocks Fans On Instagram

Bear Brown shared a close-up photo of his new ink via an Instagram post. The tattoo, which was apparently placed on his forehead, donned the word “damaged” in cursive. The tat was covered in a piece of tape.

The IG caption for the photo read, “My newest tattoo! I got it because I wanted to say that nobody is perfect, and we’re all a little damaged in some way or another! But that’s no reason to give up! I got the idea for the tattoo from the joker but that’s not the reason I got it!”

Considering he posted this photo on April 1, many fans wondered if this was an April Fool’s joke.

Fans Were Divided

Many of Bear Brown’s fans were divided on whether or not he actually tatted up his forehead or if this was an April Fools Day joke, within the comment section.

Some questioned why he’d get a tattoo on his forehead, which seemed like the “stupidest” place to get ink, while others could sniff an April Fools Day prank from a mile away.

Another user pointed out that if Bear did, in fact, get a tattoo, the area would be red, and this didn’t appear to be the case.

Bear Brown seems to love tattoos and getting ink, but one on his forehead? Brown’s had controversy surrounding him before; however, it hasn’t been for his tattoos.

Reports have revealed that in March 2022 the Alaskan Bush People star was arrested for domestic violence assault and was released without bail the following Monday. Brown later waived his right to a trial by accepting a plea deal.

What do you think of Bear Brown’s forehead tattoo? Chime in on the discussion below, and make sure to visit CTS often for the best reality TV spoilers, news, and updates.

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