1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Why Fans Think Tammy Slaton Was Pregnant With Caleb Wilingham’s Baby Before He Died

1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that fans of the show think that Tammy Slaton could have been pregnant with Caleb Willingham’s baby before he died. As if there weren’t enough rumors going around about Tammy, now this one has been trending. Let’s take a closer look at why viewers think this and if Tammy is saying anything about it.

Tammy Slaton  Spoilers – Is There A Secret Baby?

In the newest episode of 1000-Lb Sisters, Tammy is thinking about the fact that she may not be able to have a baby, but decides to talk to a doctor about it. Tammy mentioned that she had some very weird cravings and she was nervous that she could possibly be pregnant.

Tammy wasn’t fearful of being pregnant, in fact, she seemed to be thrilled with the idea that she may have a child with Caleb before he died.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Why Fans Think Tammy Slaton Was Pregnant With Caleb Wilingham's Baby Before He DiedShe loves her nephews so much and is great with them, so a child of her own would be a dream come true for her.

Not only will we find out if she has a secret baby, but her followers on social media feel like she has been keeping a huge secret if she does have a baby with Caleb.

On the show, Tammy will get the answers that she is looking for and fans will be able to see a closer look at what is happening with her body and if a baby was born.

Tammy Slaton  Spoilers – Fans Want Answers

Not only have Tammy’s fans been cheering her on through a tough time in her life, but now they want to know if Tammy did, indeed have a baby. Fans wanted to weigh in on what they thought happened.

One took to Twitter and wrote, “How can Tammy possibly be pregnant? Like, how would it have worked with Caleb?!” Others pointed out that a person who has no money should not try to have a child until they know that they are financially able to do so.

It seems as if fans will be able to get some more answers and so will Tammy, on the next episode of 1000-Lb Sisters.

Hopefully Tammy can get the answer she wants and if not, she can find out why she is having these weird cravings.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with 1000-Lb Sisters right now. Come back here often for 1000-Lb Sisters spoilers, news, and updates.

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