Y&R Spoilers: Stark Frames Diane For Phyllis Murder

The Young And The Restless: Jeremy Stark (James Hyde)The Young And The Restless spoilers indicate that Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) may turn on Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) when things don’t go his way. Will Jeremy decide to frame Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) when Phyllis wants out?

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Phyllis Summers Has Been Pulled Into Jeremy Stark’s Plot

The Young and The Restless spoilers reveal that Jeremy has finally pulled Phyllis into his plot after claiming she was almost hit by a car outside the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis’ daughter has cut her off because she meddled one too many times. Phyllis’ son has fired her as well. Now Phyllis’ drinking has led to an unholy alliance with Jeremy.

Phyllis has helped get Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) and Diane back to Genoa City by pretending that Jeremy had left town. However, this was a ploy to get Jack and Diane by home and within Jeremy’s reach. Now Jeremy has ordered Phyllis to steal a couple of items from Diane in the next phase of his plan.
Y&R spoilers: Jeremy Stark Threatened To Call In His Thugs

Phyllis tried to refuse to steal from the Abbott house. However, Jeremy warned her to get the items or he would send one of his thugs in after them. Stark has insisted that Phyllis make up with the Abbotts or else. Phyllis knows she has no choice unless she wants to endanger her grandson and his parents. Phyllis is not willing to take that chance.

What happens if Phyllis cannot deliver? Phyllis may find herself in over her head or even get caught while trying to get something of Diane’s. Phyllis may try to go to the police for some help if this happens. Unfortunately, Phyllis may put a target on her back if she does that. Jeremy could then decide to get rid of Phyllis and Diane in one swoop. Jeremy could decide to kill Phyllis and frame Diane.

Y&R Spoilers – Jeremy Stark Changes Plans

Jeremy’s ultimate plan is to make Diane pay for stealing from him and sending him to prison. What better way to do that than to kill Phyllis and blame Diane? Phyllis tends to drink heavily when she is upset. Jeremy could certainly manage to get Phyllis drunk and maybe even spike her drink. Jeremy’s thugs could also steal something of Diane’s to drop near Phyllis’ boy for the cops to find.

If Jeremy gets rid of both Phyllis and Diane, no one can trace him to anything. After all, Phyllis is the only one who knows that Jeremy is still trying to take Diane down. Will Jeremy get by with killing Phyllis and framing Diane? Perhaps Phyllis will catch on to Jeremy’s plan and arrange a backup to save both her and Diane. Will Phyllis be the hero in the end?

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