Y&R Spoilers: Sally Confronts Victor, Suffers Medical Emergency Igniting a Feud with His Sons

The Young And The Restless - Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers reveal Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) and Chloe Mitchell (Elilzabeth Hendrickson) being rejected by Jill Abbott (Jess Walton) and having another roadblock trying to pitch their business idea. When they get back to Genoa City Sally ends up letting Nicholas “Nick” Newman (Joshua Morrow) everything that transpired and how she is so confused as to why Jill would slam the door in her face after sounding so willing to hear their proposition.

Nick will realize that his father, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), may have had something to do with what has happened to Sally and confronts. Without so much as giving it away he lets Nick know that sometimes business meetings fall through and that he gave an honest recommendation to Jill about Sally’s work ethic. Nick leaves with a warning about protecting Sally at all costs which makes Victor realize that Nick is hiding something and he will figure it out.

We know that Nick hasn’t informed Sally that his father is the reason behind her rejection but doesn’t want to cause her any more stress than she is already under. Now that she has had a prenatal appointment and learned her blood pressure is a little high, Nick is going to be even more cautious about her health and the amount of stress she is putting herself under and even though he has good intentions Sally will still want to work as hard as she can to get her business off the ground (without the help from either Newman brother) and also figure out why Jill had such an abrupt change of mind.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Sally’s Confrontation Turns Critical

Y&R Spoilers reveal Sally may want to let the business meeting go but not the same goes for Chloe. She is so sick and tired of everyone tearing Sally down and not giving her a chance when she has shown she is extremely determined, ambitious, hardworking, and with as much rejection as she has been through she definitely doesn’t let that stop her from achieving her dreams. I am sure that Chloe could easily find out that Victor was the one to sabotage their meeting and she will want to let Sally know.

This could be the thing that pushes Sally over the edge. No matter how hard she tries to prove herself she knows that Victor will never see her as anything other than a gold-digging harlot. She could go to confront him and ask him why he would do this to her. It is one thing to be outcast from his company but to sabotage her chance to get her business off the ground without the help of his sons, he ruined that chance and now she has to start over.

Y&R Spoilers – Sally Spectra Finds Out Victor Newman Sabotaged Her Business Pitch

When Victor explains to her that he knows that she is trying to weasel money from his family and that is why he did what he did I am sure she is going to look at him like he is crazy. I am really at a loss of words as well, I don’t know how sabotaging her meeting with Jill would keep her from seeking help from Nick or Adam. Unless he is trying to prove that she will seek money from them now that Jill Abbott has rejected her.

After everything he has put her through in the past year, I can see Sally blowing up and giving him a piece of her mind. However, if she is not too careful she could end up throwing herself into a medical emergency and causing the tension between the Newman men to explode.

If this is what happens, then everyone will know that she is pregnant and knowing that their father has caused so much distress to Sally that she has landed in the hospital and Victor but the baby at risk this could launch the brothers to team up and finally put an end to the reign of Terror Victor Newman has been putting them through. Has Victor gone too far this time

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