Y&R Spoilers: Entitled Victoria Does Not Respect Victor’s Great Legacy

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers document that Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) described her performance with accuracy.

But Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) does not care that her exemplary efforts prevent him from retaking the reigns at the world-famous company that bears his name. Citing bad behavior as justification for the bad behavior of another is not a legitimate point.

Instead, it is the type of excuse that Genoa City, Wisconsin, residents make when they are practicing the art of deflection.

Victor is known to have ruthlessly built his empire. But that does not mean Victoria deserves to retain power because she is a chip off the old man’s block.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Entitled Victoria Does Not Respect Victor's Great Legacy

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – More Ruthless Than Adam Newman?

Yes, it can be subjectively argued that Victoria is more ruthless than her youngest brother, Adam Newman (Mark Grossman).

Adam was in GC during his early life but has no recollection of it because his mother, Hope Newman (Signy Coleman), her last name when she was married to Victor, decided that life on the farm in Kansas was preferred.

She took the son she and Victor had back to her home. That monumental event meant that Adam did not grow up in the opulent world that Victoria always enjoyed.

As devoted viewers recall, Victoria and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow), treated their brother like he was half-human because they only shared fifty percent of his genetics.

They never treated their half-sister, Abby Newman Abbott (Melissa Ordway), with the contempt that Adam received when he arrived in GC, as an adult, in 2008.

Y&R Spoilers – Victoria Newman Had It All Planned Out

Victoria issued an ultimatum to her father in the recent past. She told him that he would name her Chief Executive Officer of the company, or she would leave it.

Victor responded warmly to his daughter’s demand, seeing it as what he would have done in similar circumstances. He appreciated her recognition of being ready to assume power.

As the firstborn and sharing her father’s derivative name, Victoria was set up as the favored child.

Everyone knows that Victor Adam Newman is the alternative favored child, which sustains the natural sibling rivalry.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Victor Newman Returns To The Ring

Fans had not seen the great man in his home gym in a while. That made Victor’s return to the heavy bag all the more gratifying.

Victor is not about to retire. He will lead Newman Enterprises, the company he founded after leaving Chancellor Industries in the early 1980s.

Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) was once the Grande Dame. But Victor remains the king, which is why Victoria is now the co-CEO of his company on Y&R.

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