Why Is Meghan Markle Still On The Royal Family Website?

Why Is Meghan Markle Still On The Royal Family Website?Meghan Markle fans might be alarmed because recently, the profile page for her son Archie disappeared from the royal family website. Of course, there’s been a lot in the news about him and his sister getting their titles. Now, they can use their titles of Prince and Princess if they wish. However, a new question arose. Why is their mother still listed on the website? And, is the information misleading?

Meghan Markle Not welcome In The UK

Judging by social media comments across all platforms, Prince Harry’s wife is not wanted in the UK. In fact, some people call them “traitors.” Although they declined to live in the UK, and no longer work for “The Firm,” they still wanted titles for Archies and Lilibet. Well, they finally got them and some folks wondered if King Charles was getting soft with his youngest son. So, critics seemed amused when the profile page of Archie disappeared from The Royal Family website.

If you love Meghan Markle and feel angry about Archie disappearing from the website, it’s just about maintenance and updating the site. Anyway, the whole issue with the royal website and titles doesn’t stop there. Piers Morgan, an open critic of the contentious couple, ranted about the titles and he’s clearly no fan of Harry and his wife. Fiercely loyal to the idea of a monarchy, he hates that they trash the House of Windsor to earn an income. Has he noticed that Meghan still has a working royal profile page?

Meghan Markle Is Still On The Royal Family Website

Neil Sean, a royal commentator, took his YouTube this week and revealed that Harry’s wife still has a profile page. Well, he personally feels quite upset about it. In fact, he feels that whoever runs the site needs to make her profile disappear. Why is that? After all, like it or not, she married into the family and produced a little prince.


royal.uk via Neil Sean / YouTube

Meghan Markle, Neil noted, is still listed as a patron of various charities that she isn’t around to support. Actually, he believes the information on the site is now incorrect. He said that the couple does “nothing apart from bad-mouthing the British monarchy but Harry and his wife have the opportunity of self-promotion.” Additionally, it’s annoying as it comes at the “taxpayers’ expense.”

Is The Profile Misleading?

At the moment, the website still has a bio up for Meghan Markle. In part, it says, “They are balancing their time between the United Kingdom and North America, continuing to honour their duty to The Queen, the Commonwealth, and their patronages. Frogmore Cottage in the UK remains their family home.” Really? Neil and his followers don’t think so.

Viewer Nola Willis commented, “I totally agree that she should be removed from the Website.”

Meanwhile, Denise Mariner thinks “The UK citizens need to barage the Palace and Parliament with calls and letters demanding their removal (sic).”

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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