Whitney Way Thore Lusts Over Her Niece’s Fiance?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star, Whitney Way Thore once said that she has a high sex drive but unfortunately, she has hormones that make her face hairy.

That came in a teaser where fans saw her getting her face shaved. Now, she seems to think it’s amusing to lust over her own niece’s fiance.

Whitney Way Thore  – Reveals Her Half-Sister Angie & Her Niece

In a preview or the next episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Fans saw that Glenn spoke to his two adult kids and told them about meeting Jackie.

He went for training in Florida and they’d dated for quite some time. However, he was in the military and they then sent him to Asia.

Whitney Way Thore Lusts Over Her Niece's Fiance?

However, Jckie had fallen pregnant. He went on his merry way and later got involved with a woman overseas.

Glenn lost contact with Jackie and didn’t know where she had gone. The teaser showed that Whitney Way Thore told Buddy Bell that Angie’s family had tracked them down through a Genealogy DNA lab.

If you don’t know, Jackie had died, but she produced a daughter named Jaime. That makes Jaime Whit’s niece. So, why did she act in a lustful manner with Jaime’s fiance? Read on to find out what TLC fans think.

Whitney Way Thore – Acts Lustful?

The niece of the TLC star posted on Facebook and revealed that she has a fiance. There, people got a look at her family and found out that her fiance is not bad-looking.  It came after Glenn’s daughter posted on Instagram about her sister, Angie, and her daughter, Jaime Daughdrill. The new extended family seems to be very active on Facebook, and some critics like that Hunter’s sister might get some competition in the influencer arena.

Whitney Way Thore Lusts Over Her Niece's Fiance
r/MyBigFatFabulousLife / Reddit

In the two photos above, you can see a reel that shows Whitney Way Thore kissing the face of a photo of Jaime’s man. Redditors soon found it and shared it on the r/MyBigFatFabulousLife subreddit. Naturally, TLC fans thought it seemed very odd. So, they gave the reality TV star another reason to clap back at them by slamming her.

Fans Comment On The Kissing Photo

In the caption, u/WholeYoghurt8755 said about Whitney Way Thore, “Typical Whitney.” They also said, “I’m honestly surprised Whitney let her niece on the show, I can feel the jealousy coming out of my phone ???… “

In the comments, a follower replied, “So wait.., she’s “making out” with her niece’s fiancé’s picture?? lol ? Is that what is happening here?? I’m also confused as to who, and why she’s kissing this picture of a man, on what appears to be his mouth???”

Another critic wrote, “The image looks like she’s trying to eat him. Either way, gross.”

The original poster explained, “Pictures are from her niece’s bachelorette party. Whitney is kissing a picture of the bachelor.”

What are your thoughts? Whitney knows she gets a lot of heat on social media when she posts this sort of thing. So why would she pretend to lust for her niece’s fiance? Does she enjoy finding something to clap back at? Sound off in the comments below.

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