What Happened To Whitney Way Thore & Her Rumored Half Brother?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life returns with Whitney Way Thore on September 5 with Season 11. Ahead of the trailer, a lot of people were talking about how the show might reveal a secret half-brother. Well, the spoilers actually revealed a half-sister. So what happened with the brother? Notably, lots of tea arrived that indicated he really existed.

Whitney Way Thore & Hunter – Discover A Secret Half-Sister

Spoilers ahead of the official announcement that TLC brought back the show, hinted that fans would see a lot about Babs. The mom of Hunter and his sister passed away and fans felt very sad for their dad, Glenn Thore. Well, the trailer revealed that they actually filmed the funeral of Babs for the new season. However, there were other suggestions about expected footage that only partly came true.

Whitney Way Thore having a half-brother became a hot topic on social media in early July. Apparently, someone who claimed to be a member of the family said that there was a secret brother. At the time, it was thought that Glenn might have fathered a child while in Asia with the military before he married Babs. Detailed leaks suggested that there is a brother and allegedly, he approached her dad about being on the show.

Whitney Way Thore

Whitney Way Thore & Hunter – The Secret Half-Sister Of Whitney Way Thore

By now, you probably already saw the bit in the trailer that revealed a half-sister. Definitely female, it’s not a brother. Once again, it seems that the secret child was fathered by Glenn whilst in the military in Asia. Everything fits except for the sex of the child. So either the family leaked the wrong info, or Glenn was a very busy boy when he was younger.

Whitney Way Thore Instagram
Whitney Way Thore Instagram

A few days ago, Whitney Way Thore did a Q&A on Instagram Stories and it ended up on Reddit. She talked about how she found out about her sister on the day her mom had her second stroke. until then, she and Hunter were unaware of a half-sibling named Angie. In the comments on Reddit, u/ FaeryCourt claimed to be very confused. They wrote, “Multiple ppl in the family/friends spoke about the BROTHER. Two of them even came on here to say what a nice person he was and they hoped Whit would just leave him alone.”

TLC – Inventing A Sibing For MBFFL?

The Redditor continued by saying, “not one person mentioned a half “sister”… Idk why they changed the gender of the half sibling to a woman unless the family got through to him and him and his mother backed out.” Additionally, they wondered if “Whitney had another tantrum about the family/friends releasing the info before she could.”

Next came the suggestion, “I am just guessing, they are trying to protect the identity of the mother by having a White woman play the long lost half sister.”

What Happened To Whitney Way Thore and Her Rumored Half Brother

What are your thoughts? Everyone was so convinced there was a brother. Did the brother back off and would TLC go so far as to invent a pretend half-sister for Whitney Way Thore? Or was it just confusion caused by too many people passing on the gossip? Sound off in the comments below.

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