Tyler Christopher Arrested: General Hospital Fans Believe He Deserves Another Chance

Tyler Christopher Should Tyler Christopher be given another chance in the daytime television world? That’s what a lot of fans can’t help but wonder despite the news that says the soap opera star was recently arrested for public intoxication at an airport. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

General Hospital Spoilers – Tyler Christopher Arrested: General Hospital Fans Believe He Deserves Another Chance

According to TMZ, Tyler, who is best known for his roles on General Hospital and Days of Our Lives, was arrested after he was seen apparently sleeping on the floor of an airport terminal. He told authorities that he had simply missed his flight, but something must have happened for the police to handcuff him and put him into jail anyway.

While many of Tyler’s fans do believe that his arrest was unjust, there are probably more details about the story that simply haven’t been released yet. Still, it seems like a lot of people are rooting for Tyler and are hoping that despite this episode, he will get the help that he needs and begin his ultimate comeback to daytime television.

Soon after the news of Tyler’s arrest made headlines, many General Hospital fans took to social media to weigh in on the matter. Some even commented with, “He deserves a chance. I’m sending him love & prayers. Alcoholism is a horrible disease. And he wasn’t doing anything except sleeping on the floor at the airport. Something millions of people have done,” along with, “May Tyler find a solution for his Illness. Sometime it may requires consequences to catch up with us to have a moment of clarity and finally accept help. It can be done. Until then, I hope we can all show compassion for his suffering.”

GH Spoilers – Does Tyler Christopher Deserve A Comeback?

Another fan wrote, “I wish Tyler nothing but the best. I follow him and thought he was on the right track. I was hoping they might bring him back to GH as Nicholas. Help is out there and I hope he receives it.”

So far Tyler himself has not made any comments about the matter. Watch this space.

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