Todd & Julie Chrisley’s Prison Conditions: A/C Turned Off?

Todd & Julie Chrisley's Prison Conditions: A/C Turned Off?There are questions about Todd and Julie Chrisley’s prison conditions. Fans wonder if the air conditioner has been turned off due to the extreme heat that’s swept the nation. This comes as Josh Duggar’s prison is currently dealing with extreme conditions. Keep reading to learn more.

Update On Todd & Julie Chrisley’s Prison Conditions

Fans want an update on Todd and Julie Chrisley’s prison conditions. One fan took to Reddit to bring up Josh Duggar’s prison conditions.

Many of the inmates from his federal prison passed out from the 100+ degree weather. Most of the buildings in FCI Seagoville in Texas have no air conditioning, which made for an even more miserable experience.

This brings up an important question about Todd and Julie’s prison conditions. Do they have a running a/c? Or, was it turned off due to the extreme heat? If people are passing out in state prisons across the nation, it’s also likely that they could die.

“Julie was complaining about it being too hot and no air when it was still late winter or early spring, so we are now in the official summer months so it must be super hot there now,” one user wrote. “Maybe she has purchased extra fans from the commissary if they are available.

I wonder how Todd’s prison is holding up in the heat. He was comfortable in March and April it’s now hotter in Florida so I wonder if the air is still good there.”

Does Todd Chrisley Have It Good?

Savannah shared an update on Todd and Julie Chrisley. She used her Unlocked by Savannah Chrisley podcast to reveal how they’re doing. She even talked about the less-than-stellar prison conditions. Fans feel that Todd has it good in federal prison.

“Todd’s facility has a pool and it’s pretty cushy,” one fan noted, linking to a blog post from an attorney that served five years at FCI Pensacola.

“There are currently five Florida prisons with no air conditioning,” another fan noted. “Julie wasn’t complaining about it being too hot… Savannah was complaining about Julie being too hot. I think it’s sad as well. They’re still human,” a third chimed in.

Most agree that the country has failed the prison system. They believe that prisoners should still be treated like human beings, no matter their crimes.

This is inhumane torture, whether you like these celebrities or not. It’s a rude awakening of the prison system.

What are your thoughts on Todd and Julie’s prison conditions? Do you think the air conditioner has been turned off? Do you agree that it’s inhumane for prisoners to live like this? Sound off below in the comment section. As always, check back for more Chrisley Knows Best spoilers, news, and updates.

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