Todd Chrisley Plans To Use His Fame To End ‘Evil’ Prison Problems

Todd Chrisley went from starring in Chrisley Knows Best to living behind prison bars. But although the networks cancelled Chrisley Knows Best and its spin-offs, Todd still believes he knows best. 

And the reality TV star claims he wants to use his fame to solve what he views as four prison problems. But Todd also established two priorities for himself. Keep reading to learn more.

Todd Chrisley Creates Two New Priorities

Chrisley Knows Best alum Todd Chrisley wants to stay busy while serving his prison sentence. And so amid the months he has served at FPC Pensacola in Florida, Todd has focused on improving prison conditions, according to his lawyer, Jay Surgent via Pop Culture.

Todd Chrisley Plans To Use His Fame To End ‘Evil’ Prison Problems“I am asked almost on a daily basis about Todd,” revealed Surgent. And the attorney shared that he often receives questions about the Chrisley clan’s patriarch focus amid prison. “I can tell you, Todd is doing well, his spirits are up, he is focused and determined.”

And Surgent shared that Todd has turned his attention to two priorities. First, the former reality TV star wants to become “reunited with his wife and his children.” And second, the Chrisley Knows Best alum hopes “to create real, lasting systemic change within the U.S. Justice System and particularly within the American Prison System.”

Todd Chrisley – Points To Four Prison Problems

And Chrisley wants to see renovations in what he views as a “very cruel, broken and inhumane system.” But first, Todd feels that FPC Pensacola needs to improve with regard to “rehabilitation. In fact, not a single person has received their GED from that institution in the last three years. Not a single one,” Surgent added.

However, beyond rehab, Todd alleged that the prison’s medical department needs improvement. And as an example, he claimed that “an inmate was inadvertently given insulin and the administration of this medicine rendered them unconscious and they were rushed to the hospital.”

But Surgent cited a third problem that Todd has noted in the prison system. And that concerns inmates’ religious beliefs. “There are a huge number of inmates that are Muslim that are regularly being denied access and opportunity to participate in their faith-based worship services,” he claimed.

Todd Chrisley – Wants To Overcome ‘Evil’

And the attorney alleged, “The leadership at FPC Pensacola have decided these inmates should be required to work during their scheduled worship times. So their right to practice their freedom of expression and religion is being denied so that they can provide free labor to the camp and the Bureau Of Prisons (BOP).”

However, Chrisley also claimed that inmates must labor in “unsafe and truly dangerous conditions.” For instance, the temperature gets higher than 100 degrees amid the summer, but inmates still do tasks related to yard work, according to the attorney.

And Surgent shared that Todd feels that his fame and “strength of his platform” can solve all these problems. Chrisley wants “to use every available resource to provide a bright light on these issues and to once and for all help America see what evil is happening within these facilities. He is determined to do more than just bring these actions to light, but is deeply committed to offer real solutions and ideas that would help the BOP return to its main purposes.”

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Todd Chrisley believing he can use his fame to tackle all these problems? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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