Todd And Julie Chrisley Lawyer Talks Appeal And The Moment That Should Have Ended Their Case

Todd And Julie Chrisley Chrisley Family news reveals that Todd and Julie’s defense attorney, Alex Little, is speaking out just three days after the pair began their prison terms on Tuesday. Continue reading and we’ll tell you what he said.

Chrisley Family News – The Court Found It Unconstitutional

Chrisley Family news reveals that, according to PEOPLE, Todd and Julie Chrisley’s defense attorney, Alex Little of Burr & Forman LLP, weighed in about what he considers missteps by federal prosecutors that could very well aid the Chrisley Knows Best in appealing their convictions.

“The very beginning of this case there was an unconstitutional search by the Georgia Department of Revenue,” Little said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “This court’s already found that was unconstitutional and it should’ve stopped the whole case in its tracks. That didn’t happen. And that’s certainly one of the things we’re pursuing on the appeal.”

Chrisley Family News – Was Chrisley Jury Unfairly Influenced?

“The second piece,” Little continued, “is one of the IRS officers testified about whether the Chrisleys had paid certain taxes. That certainly, we think, affected the jury and we believe it will be the basis for a new trial.”

Little also addressed the decision to appeal the case in an effort to obtain justice for his clients. “There are different players in each step in a criminal prosecution,” he explained. “You’ve got the prosecutor who brings a case. You’ve got the jury and the judge that try the case, then you’ve got the appeals court. Its purpose is to review what that court — the prior court — has done.”

“Those are different people,” he continued, “and you can believe that you are sort of harmed at the lower levels and can be hopeful that [the appeals court] will stop when you move on along the appeal.”

Todd And Julie Chrisley – Are Going To Fight

Little also maintained that Todd and Julie want to prove their innocence and show “they are the same people they’ve always been — that they didn’t do these things and that they’re going to fight to get their name cleared.”

The defense attorney went on to defend the TLC personalities over claims that they didn’t show remorse during the court proceedings. “It’s certainly true that courts want to hear defendants accept responsibility,” he admitted. “But it’s also hard to accept responsibility when you haven’t done what you’re accused of doing.”

Todd And Julie Chrisley – Remorse Without Guilt?

“It’s a difficulty any innocent person faces when they are convicted and sentenced,” Little explained. “I’ve had people who have been found not guilty of murder a decade later and that whole time some court believed they weren’t showing remorse when they were actually innocent. So, it’s always a dilemma for anybody who’s wrongfully convicted.”

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