Todd And Julie Chrisley Hated By Local Community?

Fans learned that Todd and Julie Chrisley were hated by their local community. It was the reason why they moved around so much. They tarnished their reputation long before their USA Network series Chrisley Knows Best.

What Does The Community Think?

The poster iamladia brought up this question on the Chrisley Knows Prison subreddit: “I know Todd and Julie moved a lot but what did their community think of them? Did word get around that Todd and Julie didn’t pay those who did work for them?”

It was well-known that Todd and Julie Chrisley weren’t well-liked by their community. They already knew that the famous couple was up to something shady. One fan talked about a quaint little town called Roswell, Georgia, which was situated about five miles from where they lived.

Todd Chrisley

There was a cash-only restaurant called Rhea’s that sat about a handful of people. It was smaller than a diner. It was the kind of place where you would grab a donut and a coffee. It was also the perfect place to gather around with your friends and gossip about the town. There were many patrons who would talk about the Chrisleys and how they screwed over someone.

The community already knew that Todd and Julie Chrisley were sketchy. They already had a reputation for not paying the landscapers or painters. The couple also became known for being grifters long before they became reality TV fixtures.

“Wow, so the people in the communities they lived in knew about them. They already had a bad reputation before the show? Maybe that’s the one reason why they moved often also,” one fan asked.

“Doesn’t surprise me one bit!” another fan wrote.

Did Todd And Julie Chrisley Ever Have Friends?

This has some wondering if Todd and Julie Chrisley ever had friends. It was hard to be friends with them since they were so shady with money. They were into flaunting their wealth, but they had nothing to show for it. One user asked, “Wow, the number of things I have read of how they f’d people over is so sickening. How did they have a single friend or did they? I’m starting to see why Todd always kept to himself inside the walls and family.”

This means that Todd was hiding their financial scheme behind doors. They closed themselves off from the community so nobody could see their swindling. The couple didn’t want anyone to know what they were really up to.

They only have the support of their famous friends like Jay DeMarcus from Rascal Flatts. What are your thoughts? Do you believe that Todd and Julie Chrisley were hated by their local community? Sound off below in the comment section.

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