This Is The Reason Why David Beckham Cut Out Prince Harry And Meghan From His Life

While there were certainly a lot of rumors suggesting it was Meghan Markle who had cut off David and Victoria Beckham from her life, it looks like the opposite might have happened insead.

In fact, there’s a new report that suggests it was David Beckham who decided to end things with Prince Harry and Meghan.

That’s because he is holding on to the hope that he’s going to get a knighthood and the only way that will happen is if he cuts off ties with the Sussexes. Here’s what you need to know.

This Is The Reason Why David Beckham Cut Out Harry And Meghan From His Life

According to the Daily Mail, David Beckham desperately wants a knighthood, but he seems to be on the outs with the British royal family.

This Is The Reason Why David Beckham Cut Out Harry And Meghan From His Life

Because Harry and Meghan have been feuding with King Charles and Prince Harry for the last several years, it definitely did not look good on David and Victoria’s part to be friendly with them while trying to kiss up to the royal family.

A lot of people believe that is one of the reasons why the former international soccer star decided to end things with the Sussexes.

That’s because he thinks their relationship would certainly have hindered his chances of knighthood with King Charles.

It goes without saying that many royal fans and critics sure did have a lot to say about this on social media. Some have even commented with, “What’s crazy is that he thinks a knighthood is important in this day and age,” along with, “When you’re David Beckham, who’s demonstrated and documented your neediness, it’s too late to be seen as anything but pathetic.”

Report: David Beckham Is The One Who Ended Things With Harry And Meghan

Another critic wrote, “I don’t think he’ll get a knighthood anyway. But I don’t think there was ever any ties between both couples. David went to some football events with both brothers and then he was at both weddings.Victoria doesn’t seem to have much of a relationship with K or M only clothes wise.”

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