Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Blame Hollywood Failures On Bad Luck

If you’re a keen fan of the couple, you’d probably have noticed by now that their Hollywood deals are dwindling and that the flashy fame that once plagued them is fading.

It is no fault of theirs of course. With the royal feud truly and well behind them and everyone else, the couple are waking up to the reality that Hollywood isn’t going to risk taking a chance on them without the allure of the royal drama.

However, Harry and Meghan are determined to make their Hollywood dreams a reality – Spotify deal or no Spotify deal.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Blame Hollywood Failures On Bad Luck

Netflix Reveals They Won’t Be Renewing Sussex Deal Come 2025

While Netflix is still determined to stick with the Sussexes until the ink of their multi-million dollar contract dry up, they reportedly aren’t willing to renew the contract once the 2025 timeline is over.

This and the end of their podcast deal is sure to act as a rude awakening to the Montecito-based royals. And they’re blaming it all on bad luck.

Perhaps if the Covid-19 shutdown hadn’t happened, and the double-strikes that is now rocking Hollywood isn’t going on, maybe the couple may have been able to prove their worth to Hollywood and have a multitude of new deals flowing in.

As it stands, “Archetypes” took them more than a year to develop, and “Harry and Meghan” also faced delays despite being a six-part series, so you can see how luck played a part in it.

“The word is that they think they’ve been really unlucky,” a close source told Daily Mail. But it isn’t yet over for the couple, who have just purchased a best-selling novel for development via their Archewell Productions for £3 million.

The Sussexe’s To Make A Hollywood Comeback?

One Hollywood expert said he wouldn’t disregard the couple yet, as it is possible they could make a grand Hollywood comeback. Who knows, we might even see Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane in “Suits” once more.

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