The Significance of the Fake Prince Harry Dating Show

It feels like its been lifetimes since Harry was a bachelor and had his own reality TV dating show. Oh wait, that wasn’t really him.

It was someone else posing to be him in order to win girls’ affections. I know, times has changed.

A silly show like this would die early from criticisms in our touchy times. But what was the show really about?

What Happened To The Fake Prince Harry Dating Show

Before Harry met his wife Meghan Markle, there was a reality TV show that paraded itself as a program aimed at finding Harry his wife, or at least a girlfriend.

The Significance of the Fake Prince Harry Dating Show

The show, which debuted its first four episodes on Fox, was able to convince 12 American women that they were actually in the running to win Britain’s Prince Harry’s affections.

After Fox dropped out mid-season, “I Wanna Marry Harry’s” four remaining episodes debuted online in 2014.

“Harry” Was Actually A 23-Year-Old English Guy Named Matthew Hicks.

And this is the tricky part, to avoid lawsuits, the show did not directly promise contestants that Harry, that Prince Harry, was the grand price.

However, what they did do was offer up enough suggestions to lead people to believe the Harry in question was Prince Harry.

For one, the “guy” had a striking resemblance to Harry and with the ingenious power of makeup, might even fool Harry into thinking he’s looking in a mirror – hey, I said might.

In 2015, one of the contestants, Kimberly Birch, who ended up winning “Harry” over, revealed that she never engaged in a romantic relationship with Hicks. She also went on to say that she and the other girls “were brainwashed.”

These days, no one’s looking forward to marrying Harry, but for some reason, some do seem to think we’d fancy seeing him as a gay man. I know, get out!

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