Teen Mom Teenager Jace Evans Will Run Again?

Teen Mom fans heard that Jace Evans, who was back in the custody of Janelle, ran away. Not once, but three times. Will he run away again? Certainly, he seems determined not to live with David Eason and his wife.  Much of the information came from sources, and one of those sources was his grandmother, Barbara. who talked about the 14-year-old contacting her.

Teen Mom Spoilers – Jace Evans Was Allegedly Hospitalized

The first and second times that Jenelle’s son ran away, he ended up located and returned safely home. Initially, many fans of the MTV show trolled Jenelle, saying that she was a handful as a teen and that it was payback time. However, it wasn’t a joke for her son. Apparently, he ran the first time after Jenelle took his phone away. The second time didn’t detail any reason. But then, he ran a third time and his mother claimed it was over girlfriend issues.

Teen Mom fans had previously heard that Barbara gave up custody of Jace willingly. That news came from Jenelle on her social media. Crying with joy, it seems that any happiness was short-lived. While fans think that he ran because David Eason and his mom fought, it’s not clear if that motivated the child to run. Unfortunately, the third time he ran away in less than two months, things got complicated and reports emerged that he was hospitalized.

Teen Mom Teenager Jace Evans Will Run Again?Teen Mom Spoilers – Running Away Story Escalates For The Teen Mom Alum

Allegedly, when he was picked up the third time, he had marks on his body that could have pointed towards an assault. The Sun and The Ashleys Reality Roundup reported that allegedly, CPS took the boy into their care and he claimed that David had assaulted him. The story went that it allegedly happened in front of witnesses and that a ring camera captured the attack.

Teen Mom fans can’t know for certain that the story is true, because of unnamed sources. However, according to David Eason’s Facebook, all of the children are still with them on “The Land.” Nonetheless, on social media, it’s apparent that very few people believe him. Of course, that could easily be proven by a live video of Jace. However, Jenelle claimed on TikTok that she won’t be sharing as much content of her kids going forward.

Teen Mom Spoilers – Will Jace Evans Run Away Again?

Per The Sun, another anonymous source claimed that if Jace is sent back to Jenelle and David, he will definitely run away again. The outlet noted, “Multiple sources familiar with the investigation have exclusively revealed to The U.S. Sun that the former Teen Mom 2 star’s oldest son has sworn to authorities he will run again if he’s placed back at Jenelle, 31, and David’s North Carolina home.” Right now, the allegations also claim that Barbara is in a custody battle and cannot take him because of fears of charges of kidnapping.

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