Teen Mom Alum David Eason Releases Rap Song Soon

Teen Mom alum David Eason sang a song on social media back in July, and his followers seemed impressed. In fact, they encouraged him to start dropping his own music. So off he went and wrote his own song. This week, he told his followers that soon, he will release it. Unfortunately, not a lot of people cheered because they still accused him of being terrible after Nugget the pup died.

Teen Mom Spoilers – Alum David Eason Records His Own Song

These days, David wears his hair very long and his beard looks long and unkempt. Maybe he tried looking like a rapper. Anyway, he went to his Instagram and looked a bit wild. Coming over as a sort of Neagan-ish character in The Walking Dead, he said that he can write better songs than any rapper.

The Teen Mom character said in his reel, that these days, rappers are useless. He said they “sound like a wild animal from a different planet.” Additionally, “You can’t even hear the words that come out of their …mouth.” So, he declared, “I’m F–king better, that’s what!” His motivation came after hearing all “these hoodlums running around writing their own songs have given me this energy.”

Teen Mom Alum David Eason Releases Rap Song SoonTeen Mom Spoilers – David Eason Releases His New Rap Song Soon

In his caption, David wrote, “I actually wrote several songs and did all the work myself. Hired myself as a distributor, publisher, producer and registered as a songwriter. I can’t wait to drop this song next week and blow yalls minds! My song “Please Don’t Make Me…” is one of my favorite rap songs and I’m really excited for yall to hear it!”

Teen Mom Alum David Eason Releases Rap Song Soon
David Eason / Instagram

Teen Mom Fans didn’t shout many praises to the MTV alum. Instead, a lot of them ripped him. Obviously, those fans who liked his singing in Juy were overwhelmed by haters. It certainly seems that nobody will ever forgive him for allegedly killing Nugget the dog. Remember, it led to the kids being temporarily taken away and Jenelle lost her job with the network.

MTV – Fans React

David ended up roasted in the comments. One follower wrote, “No one asked for this. Absolutely no one.” Actually, they obviously didn’t hear David sing in July when followers raved about his voice.

Another critic said, “Pls don’t embersss (sic) yourself even more than yu do daily lmao.” 

Here are a few more comments:

Yikes. I’m getting secondhand cringe from this video 😬.

Please drop it #karma.

get humble then come back.”

Do you think that David Eason might be a good singer? Or do you think he’s not got what it takes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Be sure to catch up on everything happening with MTV stars right now. Come back here often for more news and updates about David Eason.

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