Sister Wives Star Ysabel Brown Has A Boyfriend?

Sister Wives fans heard that Ysabel Brown went to stay with Maddie Brown Bush in North Carolina, but later, she moved to Utah as she missed her family. Last weekend, it was Gwendyn’s wedding and she just shared a phto of a guy. Naturally, TLC fans wonder if she found a boyfriend.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn’s Wedding Brought Spoilers

Kody Brown, who fans never expected to attend was at the wedding, as was Robyn. Mind you the first photos that arrived via Mykelti didn’t show Kody or Robyn at all. Maddie Brown Brush wasn’t there, and fans can only guess why.

Meanwhile, Meri, Janelle, and Christine also attended, along with most of the other kids, including Leon. One can only wonder if it wasn’t a bit awkward for everyone with Kody’s presence.

Sister Wives Star Ysabel Brown Has A Boyfriend?

Sister Wives fans know that Ysabel seemed really unhappy with her dad. Recall, she had to go for back surgery. Kody suggested that she fly there alone, and complained about covid-19. But then he went off to a wedding so fans slammed him. He suggested that getting her to interact was like drawing a hen’s teeth, and she claimed she wasn’t at all close to him. Probably, there was some underlying tension at the wedding.

Sister Wives

Taking to her Instagram on July 20, Ysabel posted up a photo of herself with a man. It looked like he might have had one of Myleti Padron’s twins on his lap. If it were not for her hand on his leg, TLC fans might have suspected that he was a relative of Beatriz. In her caption, she said, “celebrating gwendlyn and bea and moments between and after.” Actually, it wasn’t a very clear photo and she didn’t tag anyone, so he’s a bit of a mystery.

Sister Wives Star Ysabel Brown Has A Boyfriend
Ysabel Paige Brown / Instagram

Sister Wives fans who saw the post were a bit surprised. So far, she hadn’t even mentioned going steady with anyone. Actually, she seems to be a bit like her sister Aspyn who likes her privacy. It’s not often that she opens up about her inner life on social media. Anyway, the post generated quite a big conversation.

No Replies To Questions

Sister Wives fans obviously hoped that Ysabel had found a special boyfriend. So, a lot of fans questioned her. One follower asked, “Is that your man??? Yes girl! ❤️ Cute couple ?.” However, none of the questions were answered, so someone opined that it might be a “soft launch.”

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