Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Takes A Man-Trip To Vegas

Kody Brown

Sister Wives fans know that recently, Kody Brown and his remaining wife, Robyn were in Las Vegas. Additionally, they had the kids and the nanny with them. This time, the TLC star is there without his wife and he told a fan in a Cameo, that he and his brothers were on a “man trip.”

Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Visits With His Brothers

Kody does have siblings, and Travis and Michael Brown run a podcast together. Curtis, another brother passed away years ago. Anyway, this week when the TLC star did a cameo ordered by one of Katie Joy’s fans, talked about catching up with some of them. Additionally, he babbled away about his grandbabies. Plus, he talked about how Robyn couldn’t; be with him because of “a man trip.” Actually, he didn’t elaborate on why he was there.

Notably, there doesn’t seem to be any major gun show on at the moment. Naturally, Sister Wives fans are curious. After all, he couldn’t get out of Las Vegas fast enough when he decided they should all move to Flagstaff. These days, he seems to be living a monogamous life with Robyn. So, perhaps he thinks about returning to Nevada. Anyway, that’s all speculation, but fans noted in the Cameo how similar he looks and sounds to his son, Paedon.

Sister Wives: Is Kody Looking For A Home Or A Wife?

Katie Joy from Without A Crystal Ball shared the cameo on her Instagram. In her caption, she had some questions to ask. They were, “Does Kody have a girlfriend in Vegas?” and “Looking for a new place? TLC fans know that Robyn’s son, Dayton is studying in Flagstaff and a lot of people thought he was the reason for the move. As they first moved there in 2018, perhaps Dayton might be soon completing his studies.

Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Takes A Man-Trip To Vegas
Kody Brown / Cameo Via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Katie Joy noted that the Sister Wives star isn’t “with Robyn & he’s blabbing about his grandkids he never sees & calls one lady irresponsible for day drinking.” Actually, Katie questioned if he had been drinking. So one follower opined, “I would be drinking if i was him too.” Similarly, another comment read: “😂 Yup, it definitely appears high on something! 🍸 🧉 🚬 .”

TLC Fans Comment On The Cameo

One Sister Wives viewer wondered about who would pay to see and listen to Kody. They wrote, “I can’t believe people are actually paying him for Cameos. 🤮.” Well, clearly they are as it’s not the first time that one leaked onto social media. 

Another non-fan of Kody said, “Not interested in anything he has to say. Sorry Kody but I will not watch the show anymore. You and Robyn ruined the family and I have no respect for either of you. Time to move on and get a real job.”

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