Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Becomes The New Meri?

Sister WivesSister Wives Season 17 revealed that Christine Brown left Kody and moved to Utah. Right near the end of the show, after Gwendlyn Brown leaked that Janelle had also left, she admitted she and Kody separated. However, was it forever? Will she hope to reconcile? Might she become the new Meri Brown?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Janelle Brown Wanted Independence

In the last season of the TLC show, fans saw that Janelle and Kody clashed. At one stage, she just walked out on him as he ranted at her. Well, she did say that Kody wasn’t the center of her universe. So, it didn’t shock fans that she stood up for herself. While it seems that her kids supported her decision to separate, does that mean that spiritually, she dumped him?

Sister Wives fans often feel amazed that Meri Brown didn’t leave Kody years ago. Instead, she hung around on the periphery of the family. Naturally, that puzzled viewers of the show. On her social media, she talked about spirituality. And, that didn’t help viewers understand either. Did she mean that she was tied to Kody despite not being loved? Well, it turns out that it could be her faith that kept her around for so long. Is Janelle also going to hang around because of her faith?

Sister Wives Rumors – Janelle Brown Is Like Meri Brown

According to a source who spoke with Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball, Janelle will probably never marry again. Just like Meri Brown, she considers herself tied to Kody for all eternity. Katie wrote on Instagram, “Janelle has basically taken the position that Meri was in for years. She’s not technically with Kody, but under their faith, she’s not free to date or marry anyone else.”

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Becomes The New Meri
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

For Sister Wives viewers who don’t belong to the same faith, it seems extraordinary. One follower said in the comments of the post, “I still fail to comprehend why, if you’re miserable in a marriage with someone, you would want to be saddled with them for ALL ETERNITY.” In the comments section, a lot of similar things were discussed.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Did Meri Brown Get A Release From Kody?

Apparently, in the faith that the Sister Wives family follows, a woman can get a “release” from her man. Perhaps that happened with Meri as Kody allegedly told her to leave. Is Kody likely to release Janelle? Does she even want that? Recall, over the years, she said more than once that she and her husband are “friends.”  Perhaps she will be content to remain in the family but not as a physical wife to her man, because of their beliefs.

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