‘Sister Wives’ Star Gwendlyn Brown Brings Down ‘Useless’ Dads In A New Video

Gwendlyn Brown Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates tease that Gwendlyn expressed her thoughts about dads who “can’t take care” of their kids.

Gwendlyn Brown is Christine’s daughter she shared with Kody, and she’s the 11th child out of 18 in her polygamous family.

The usually calm daughter has previously shared her thoughts regarding her father and mocked him publicly because of the way he treated his family, especially her mother.

When her parents called it quits, Christine posted a statement on Instagram saying that both she and Kody will make sure to take care of their children and still look after their welfare amidst their divorce.

Gwendlyn Brown – Expresses Thoughts about Dads Amid Fight with Kody

In her latest video on YouTube, Gwendlyn shared a reaction post about the very first episode of “Sister Wives.” In one scene, Meri expressed her heart out of being involved in a polygamous marriage. “It’s definitely a benefit to this lifestyle to have somebody there and in place if anything were to happen,” she said.

On the other hand, Gwendlyn stopped the video and stated, “Cause dads are useless and they can’t take care of the children.”

Moreover, she opened up about the differences between Kody’s wives. “My mom was more of the mother mom, you know, stereotypical mother roles,” the youngster uttered.

She also stated that Janelle possessed more of the father role among the other sister wives. In one of her previous videos, Gwendlyn hailed her father as a “massive misogynist” and she was glad that she never inherited that kind of behavior.

Gwendlyn Brown – Refuses to Walk Down the Aisle With Dad Kody

In other news, the TLC star considered having one of her brothers to give her away on her wedding day. During her Q&A sessions on her YouTube vlog, a fan asked who her companion in the aisle would be, knowing that she and the patriarch were not on good terms.

At first, Gwendlyn thought about walking towards the altar alone, but she decided to tap one of her brothers as she found it “adorable.”

“I’m definitely gonna consider ‘cause that’s so cute having my brother. As a kid, whenever we went to dances, like father-daughter dances, all of the girls would choose my dad and I had a tendency of choosing Logan to represent as my father ‘cause I wanted my little special moment,” she stated.

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