Sister Wives Spoilers: What Happened To Kody Brown’s Hair?

The Sister Wives spoilers reveal what happened to Kody Brown’s hair. The patriarch has been through his share of hairstyles over the years. Kody is known for his blonde curls. It’s also clear that he’s been losing his hair. Fans want to know more about what happened along the way.

Sister Wives Spoilers – What Happened To Kody Brown’s Hair?

The user Bravissi took to the TLCSisterWives subreddit to ask about what happened with Kody Brown’s hair. He tries to hide his receding hairline with plugs, but it didn’t work.

Kody’s hair has always been a talking point among fans. The Sister Wives spoilers suggest that fans want to know the story behind it.

Kody Brown

“Remember that hairdresser Kennedy from Vegas who was apparently very concerned about Kody’s rapidly receding hairline?” the original poster asked.

Sister Wives fans took to the thread to share their thoughts. One fan wrote, “I find his flowing Ramen locks even more comical when he’s in a rage and demanding to be taken seriously. Just shave it off already. Give up the ghost of lost hair follicles!” Another user added: “Lol, those 2 curly pieces of hair on each side of his forehead just sittin thur [sic] when he’s all serious cracks me up.”

A third responded: “I feel like the curls are just to give it more volume so he can hide that he’s got two lonely tendrils in front that cover up the big bald spot.”

SW Spoilers Spoilers – Should Kody Brown Shave It Off?

The Sister Wives spoilers suggest that Kody Brown should shave off his entire head. He looks better bald.

However, it’s obvious that he loves to have his curly blonde hair. His tight ponytails haven’t helped his receding hairline.

“He needs to deal with it by shaving it,” one user noted. “He needs to shave it or at least buzz it short, but then he’d be accused of trying to copy David,” another one added.

Sister Wives fans debated which of Kody Brown’s hairstyles they hated the most. Most agree that the curls need to go.

Others think he should get a different hair color. Some joked that it’s the man that’s the problem, not his hairstyle.

What are your thoughts? What do you think happened to Kody Brown’s hair? Do you like the curls? Sound off below in the comment section.

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