Sister Wives Spoilers: Paedon Dishes More Details On Robyn’s Effect On the Family

SisterWivesSister Wives Spoilers reveal that Paedon Brown has released more information on Robyn Brown’s effect on the Brown family. What does Paedon have to say?

Sister Wives Spoilers  – Paedon Brown Doesn’t Like Robyn Brown

Sister Wives Spoilers suggest that Paedon doesn’t like Robyn at all. Paeton claims that Robyn is playing the victim, but she is no one’s victim. Robyn was a broke single mom when she came into the family. Paedon says that Robyn was married but it didn’t work out and so she jumped into Kody Brown’s coattail of his fame.

Paedon says that Kody Brown loved this woman enough to give up his own children for her. From Paedon’s perspective, Robyn was a victim of good luck. Kody has alienated several of his children over Robyn and her kids. Why are Robyn’s kids so much more important than Kody’s other children? When will Robyn stop playing the victim?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Bone Dry Eyes

Paedon doesn’t sugarcoat a thing about Robyn. When Robyn turns on the waterworks, Paedon laughs. Much like fans, Paedon suggests that Robyn’s tears are fake. Robyn is constantly coming up with sob stories. Robyn discusses the Coyote Pass property as well. Robyn talks about the property that was supposed to have been hers but Janelle got it because of the pond.

It seems that Robyn’s million-dollar luxury home sets adjacent to the Coyote Pass Property. Robyn lives almost on the Coyote pass property now. Paedon was asked if Robyn cries as much off-screen as she does onscreen. Paedon says that Robyn often acts as though she is crying but he’s never seen her shed a tear. Paedon says she cries with dry eyes.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Paedon Brown Feels Sorry For Dayton Brown

Paedon is fond of Dayton Brown and often sings his praises. However, Paedon also feels sorry for Dayton in a way. Dayton is almost 23 years old and wanted to move out on his own. However, Dayton was only allowed to move into an RV in his mother’s backyard. The RV doesn’t look like a little trailer, it resembles a luxury model much like Janelle Brown’s.

Last season when the RV showed up, fans thought it was Janelle’s RV and that she had stored it there for winter. However, from the photos, they are clearly two different RVs. Paedon is fond of his sister Aurora as well. However, Breanna seems to be a different story. According to Paedon, Breanna can do no wrong in Kody Brown’s eyes. Paedon says Kody will abandon the rest of the family for Robyn as well. However, Robyn has far from the table scraps that Kody claims she has.

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