Sister Wives Spoilers: Gwen Brown Has No Clue What Kody Does For Work

Sister WivesSister Wives spoilers reveal that Gwen Brown is opening up more about her father, Kody Brown. Many of her fans have asked her what he does for work and she has admitted that sometimes, she doesn’t really know. She has started to do recaps of the last season’s episodes and in her newest YouTube video, she talked to her fans about Kody’s job.

Sister Wives Spoilers – The New Video Explains Kody Brown’s Job

In the episode that Gwen watched, she highlighted a section where Kody is going through his stuff and he tells Christine Brown that he doesn’t have time to clear out stuff because he “has work to do.” This made fans question what kind of work he was doing. That is when Gwen told her viewers, “I still don’t know what the work he does is.” Of course, there were fans who asked Gwen why he hides the fact that he is in the gun business.

Gwen told that fan, “I don’t know about that. From what I’ve seen, he tends to say that he’s investing in things and I think he might just be uncomfortable with admitting that he’s in the gun business because of the political conflict about it. Despite the fact that he seems very clearly conservative, it seems like this is not something he’s comfortable with talking about.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – What Else Does He Do For Work?

Kody has been known to have many jobs, much like his wives. He has started to make Cameos for his fans as well. He offers messages to his fans and they are very expensive. In fact, one of these messages can cost a fan $99 for each message. He also had made a lot of money from being on Sister Wives. His son, Paedon Brown has mentioned that there was one point when Kody was a sign maker.

When Paedon talked to his fans about his father working as a sign maker, he mentioned that one sign that he made for a restaraunt fed them for months. These signs clearly were a big money maker for Kody and some fans are curious if he still makes these signs for extra money. The gun business does seem like it could bring in a lot more money for the family too. Perhaps we will see him again at one of these gun shows to see if he is still working in this industry.

Stay tuned to Gwen’s YouTube channel so that you can get more insight on her famous family.

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