Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Are Still Demanding a Spin-Off Show

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that fans are still demanding that TLC gives them a new spin-off show. With the announcement of Season 18 of Sister Wives, fans are now even more excited than ever about seeing more of the Browns. It turns out that fans were motivated to ask about a spin-off shortly after Janelle Brown shared a lot of photos of herself with Christine Brown.

They were both at Gwendlyn Brown’s wedding and as soon as fans saw these photos, they wanted to pose the question about a spin-off featuring Gwendlyn and her wife, Beatriz Quieroz. Let’s find out what they said.

The Wedding and Beautiful Photos

Janelle was so happy about sharing photos of Gwendlyn’s wedding. Everyone looked so happy and beautiful and the family really seemed to come together to celebrate. Her brother Logan Brown attended with his wife. Michelle Petty. Mykelti Padron and her family attended as well.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Are Still Demanding a Spin-Off Show

It turns out that Robyn and Kody Brown also attended, but it seemed as if they kept their space from everyone else in the group. This did seem a little awkward, but the wedding seemed to go very well for the couple.

All of these photos made it clear to fans that it would be amazing to see other Brown family members with their own shows. The relationship of Gwendlyn and Beatriz wasn’t a conventional one.

Gwendlyn’s followers were so happy to watch their journey unfold and now it looks as if they want to see them with their own reality television show. They were quick to begin commenting on the photos of the wedding.

Fans React

As soon as fans started to look through the wedding photos, they wanted to share their thoughts with Beatriz and Gwendlyn. One fan wrote to them, “Could you guys just have your own show? That’s what we really wanna see!!!” Another added, “OMG YES! We don’t want to see Robyn and Kody anymore.

We want Christine and Janelle.” More and more fans chimed in with how much they would rather see Christine and Janelle’s families and no more of Kody and Robyn.

There have been rumors of another spin-off that would include Janelle and Christine. Apparently it will follow them after their lives of polygamy and get an idea of what life has been like since leaving Kody.

As of right now, there are plenty of rumors about all of these spin-offs, but we will just have to wait and see if any of them actually get made. We have our fingers crossed.

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