Sister Wives: Sleek In Black – Christine Brown’s Dating

Sister WivesSister Wives star Christine Brown talked about dating again since about October last year. Although TLC fans only recently saw her leave Kody Brown and move to Utah, the footage came about a year after she announced their separation. Since then, she spoke about it several times and this weekend, when she raised the subject again, she dressed in a sleek black outfit.

Sister Wives – Christine Brown Dated Lightly

In October last year, fans heard that Kody’s ex considered dating but she wasn’t in a huge rush to get hitched straight away. Actually, TLC fans felt that she should take it slowly. After all, she wouldn’t want to make another mistake. Bear in mind, the only person she dated for 26 years was Kody. Additionally, she married quite young, so she never really had much of a chance at the dating game. So, her followers hoped that she’d just enjoy herself without getting too serious for now.

Sister Wives fans heard in December, that Christine Brown updated on where she was at with dating. Back then, she confirmed that she had been out on a few dates. But, not more than twice. She’d meet someone, and if they enjoyed it, then they’d do it again. However, nothing serious happened yet. Furthermore, she’s not interested in rushing to any altar just yet. This week, she told her fans once more, that she’s dating again. Was she pushing the point perhaps? Is there a dating show in the works? Time will tell.

Sister Wives – Fans See Christine Brown Sleek In Black

On January 29. Kody’s ex took to her Instagram and showed off her slim figure in black She wore black boots, a black jacket, and a black top that was offset by her long shining hair. Actually, the setting looked wonderful with light snow dusting the Utah mountains behind her. In her caption, she wrote, “I’m dating again!! Holy. Hell. Awkward. Dating online is crazy! Any advice for dating at 50?!” 

Sister Wives Sleek In Black Christine Brown Dating
Christine Brown / Instagram

The Sister Wives star also used lots of hashtags to describe her feelings. Actually, she’s quite good at making them up. They included,“#datingadvice,  #feelinggood, #exciting, #newbeginnings,” and “#awkward.” Well, if she really wanted dating advice, there was no shortage of ideas and comments from TLC fans.

Sister Wives – TLC Fans Chatter In The Comments

The most popular comment by followers of the Sister Wives star came from Entertainment Tonight’s Deidre Behar Wellman. She wrote, “You need no advice, you got this — and you’re the prize! ❤️❤️❤️.”

Plenty of people agreed and one of them said in the replies, “@deidrebehar said it the best, Christine you got this. So happy for you.”

Others also talked about enjoying but not committing just yet. One fan offered real advice, saying,  said, “You look great – as far as advice goes, have a series of code words that you have to text a friend at various times throughout the date, including one that means you are at home & safe. And make sure that the person receiving the codes knows what the plan is – where you will be. Just stay safe. And have fun!”

What advice would you give Christine Brown? Let us know in the comments below.

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