Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Updates Fans On Her Dating Game

Sister WivesSister Wives spoilers reveal that Christine Brown has given an update on her dating journey and it’s not what you might expect. Read on and we’ll give you the skinny.

Sister Wives – Christine Brown Is Not Ready To Turn In Her Dating Card

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Christine Brown is having fun in her new life and, yes, she’s dating. But don’t expect that she’s got plans to settle down any time soon – if ever. “I like my life too much to mess it up with a serious relationship” (via TODAY).

Christine is back on the dating circuit, for sure, and she’s loving this new phase of her life. After leaving her nearly 26 years of marriage to Kody Brown, 53, Christine is more than ready to put herself back on the market, so to speak.

Sister Wives – What Are Christine Brown’s Plans For The Future?

Brown spoke to TODAY in a zoom interview and while she admitted that she’s already gone on several dates, she added that she’s not in any rush to settle down again. PEOPLE reported in October that she was dating and had started off very casually.

“If there happens to be a love of my life, boom! Sign me up. Of course, I’d love a love of my life. That would be great. But probably not yet. My energy’s not quite right for that situation,” she said. Instead, the mother of six says she’s having a blast taking things at her own pace and staying open to whatever life has to offer.

“I might do two dates with one guy. And two dates is kind of where we’re ending it right now. But I’ll do one date for sure. And then if we like each other, we’ll go out again. Then after that, it gets scary. It’s super, super scary,” she offers as an explanation.

“I don’t want anything serious. I just want to have fun. I like my life too much to mess with any kind of a serious relationship. My life is wonderful, my routines are wonderful, I love it,” she says before intimating that, for her, dating has been “really, really wonderful.”

Sister Wives – No Mr. Right for Christine Brown Yet

Christine, 50, obviously hasn’t met her Mr. Right yet but that’s not to say that she hasn’t met a few “incredible” ones or that she hasn’t had a lot of fun looking. “They’re so sweet and such gentlemen. Oh my gosh, I can’t even tell you, a guy opening your door for you, pulling out your seat for you. It’s so nice,” she says.

As a mother of six children and an expanding pack of grandbabies, Christine has a full life at the moment. She explained that she wants to be certain that any man who might enter the picture would mesh well with that.

“I feel like we need to fit into each other’s lives. I’m not at the point where I want to morph my life into someone else’s. We both need to go in 100 percent. I’m not willing to go 100 percent yet,” she explained.

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