Sister Wives Season 18 Spoilers: Truth Behind Meri Brown’s Divorce From Kody

The Sister Wives Season 18 spoilers reveal the truth behind Meri Brown’s divorce from Kody. Fans are still wondering what led up to this moment. For years, Meri held onto her marriage to Kody even though he didn’t love her anymore.

On the Sunday, November 19 episode, fans witnessed the demise of their marriage. Meri and Kody agreed to separate. Robyn begged Meri to stay, but she wasn’t willing to do so anymore. Read on to find out the truth behind their divorce.

Sister Wives Season 18 Spoilers – Meri Brown Manipulated Into Divorce

According to the Sister Wives Season 18 spoilers, Meri Brown was manipulated into a divorce. Some fans took to Reddit to talk about what led to Meri’s decision.

Sister Wives Season 18 Spoilers: Truth Behind Meri Brown's Divorce From KodyThe original poster blamed both Robyn and Kody Brown for manipulating Meri to divorce him. Meri is now left with no legal claims for being Kody’s first wife.

Robyn and Kody Brown are legally married. He was spiritually married to his other wives — Meri, Christine, and Janelle Brown.

Meri Brown realized there was no benefit to being married to Kody anymore. She wanted to move back to Utah where she could manage her clothing business and finances.

The Sister Wives Season 18 spoilers suggest that Meri and his other ex-wives could sue him for not splitting the shares of the property equally.

Both his wives and fans slammed Kody for how he divided Coyote Pass. Each of his wives received unequal property shares.

“Since her name is on some of the land she does have recourse. Kody can’t redivide the land without her approval,” one fan wrote.

Sister Wives Spoilers- Kody And Robyn Brown’s Guilt Trip

The Sister Wives spoilers reveal Kody and Robyn Brown’s guilt trip. Some believe that Robyn has controlled Kody’s motives.

Fans called them out for acting like con artists. They believe that Robyn is happy to get most of Kody’s money.

However, there are also some who think she’s upset about losing most of the Brown family’s income.

Now, they’re making Meri feel guilty for leaving the family. Regardless, Meri is much happier with her life. She’s been focused on working and traveling around the world.

What are your thoughts on Meri Brown’s divorce from Kody? Do you think she was manipulated into leaving him? Do you think Kody and Robyn Brown guilt-tripped her? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more Sister Wives Season 18 spoilers, news, and updates.

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