Sister Wives Rumors: Janelle & Christine Brown Get A Spinoff

Sister Wives - Janelle & Christine Brown Sister Wives fans wondered if Christine Brown would get a spinoff after she left Kody Brown, Well, TLC stepped up and started her small show, “Cooking With Just Christine.” However, fans want more of her, preferably without Kody involved. Then, when Janelle Browen announced her separation as well, folks started talking about a spinoff for both of them. This week, new rumors suggest that this might actually happen.

Sister Wives Spoilers –  A Spinoff For Janelle & Christine Brown?

By mid-January, social media buzzed with TLC fans clamoring for a spinoff for the two ex-wives. In fact, it was spurred on by her daughter Gwendlyn who claimed that she’d like to see a spinoff for them. She said on YouTube, “I think we should have a spinoff series where Janelle and my mom get together. Tell me you don’t love that idea!” Well, fans do love the idea very much.

Sister Wives fans discussed it, and while a lot of people wanted one, others didn’t think one would bring enough drama. After all, the ratings for season 17 were good because of all the drama. And, with both moms being friendly and outgoing, it might be too tame. Actually, a lot of people thought that the show had run its course and should just end now. However, there are rumors that Christine is currently filming for season 18.

Sister Wives Spoilers – New Rumors About A Spinoff

Unfortunately, the new rumors came from an unnamed source via the U.S. Sun. So, the story can’t be verified. The article hinted that more would be seen of the kids In a new spinoff for the two women. The source told the outlet, “serious talks” go on about it. Additionally, the outlet wrote, “They are working on it, that’s for sure. It’s in serious talks and development.” 

Sister Wives Rumors Janelle and Christine Brown Get A Spinoff

Allegedly, the kids of the Sister Wives star seem keen to be part of a new spinoff. Also, it will cover the “empowerment” of women and “life after polygamy.” From the viewpoint of fans, it would probably be a whole lot better than watching Kody Brown and Robyn try and bring another woman in as a new wife. Furthermore, they seem to prefer the idea than watching Meri Browntry and win back her ex-husband’s heart.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown Might Might Be Leaving The TLC Show

Many Sister Wives fans felt sorry for meri who was basically dumped for Roibyhn Brown. However, it’s clear that Janelle doesn’t get on with her. So, it’s unlikely that she will join the two women in a spinoff. Recall, it was Christine’s kids who alleged that Meri was “scary” and abusive. New rumors suggest that in season 18, folks will see very little of Meri Brown.

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