Sister Wives: Mykelti Comments On Meri Brown’s Alleged Abuse

Sister Wives Sister Wives fans see that Meri Brown is under fire for alleged abuse of the kids in Kody’s family and now, Mykelti Padron spoke about it. If you don’t know, it all started when Paedon Brown, the son of Christine opened up about it on YouTube. So, does Mykelti make things worse for Kody’s former first wife? Read on to find out.

Sister Wives – Mykelti Padron And Meri Brown Abuse

When Paedon Brown opened up about Meri and hinted at serious abuse by her, he possibly alluded to physical abuse. He was asked by a panelist on John Yates’ YouTube, “Does it move past verbal?” That came after the word “abrasive” was mentioned. Ultimately, he added, “It moves so far past verbal. Verbal basically stopped existing.” Now, that doesn’t actually say that Meri physically abused the kids, but many people think it does.

Sister Wives fans later saw Gwendlyn Brown roast her bother and claimed that if anyone’s the violent one, it’s Paedon. If you don’t know, he admitted that he once hit her physically. However, she also claimed that she recalled Mykelti being the victim of physical Meri on one occasion. This week, MJykelti Padron weighed in and talked about her recollections. Does she back up Gwendlyn’s story?

Sister Wives – Mykelti Brown Can’t Recall Meri Hitting Her

Mykelti Brown and her husband, Tony Padron opened an account on Patreon, as did Gwendlyn. Certainly, it seems that Christine’s children are not holding back. When Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball saw the statement that Mykelti made, she shared the clip on her Instagram. In her statement, Mykelti said, “I’m speaking on my own personal experiences and opinion on Meri Brown. I don’t want to discount my siblings’ experiences with her.” Then, from the horse mouth, so to speak, fans heard her say, “I don’t remember Meri ever being physically abusive to me.” 

Sister Wives Mykelti Comments On Meri Browns' Alleged Abuse
Mykelti Brown Patreon via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Sister Wives fans also heard the common theme that Gwen mentioned: Meri was allegedly “scary.” Mykelti described her as “very emotionally and verbally abusive to all of us when we were younger.” So, it seems that physical violence can be ruled out. Nevertheless, Christine’s daughter claimed that Meri will “never be a part of my life nor will she ever be.”

Sister Wives – Keeping The Kids Away Because Of Trauma

While Sister Wives star Mykelti Padron can’t recall physical; abuse, she added that she intends to keep Meri Brown at a distance from her family. She said that’s because she allegedly experienced “trauma growing up.” 

Speaking about her siblings, she also noted that they “were all affected by her.” Is the alleged mental and emotional abuse better than physical abuse?

According to a paper by Heather L. Dye, “this study found those who reported emotional abuse had higher scores for depression, anxiety, stress, and neuroticism personality compared to those who reported only physical, only sexual, or combined physical and sexual abuse.”

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