Sister Wives Janelle Brown Discovers Invasive Technology Exists

Sister Wives fans have probably heard, like Janelle Brown, that their phones can listen to what they say even if they are not using them. Well, a lot of people read these things on social media. However, a lot of people don’t want to be painted as tin hat conspiracy theorists. After all, there are some really way-out theories on the Internet. So, quite often, folks take theories with a  pinch of salt. This week, Janelle revealed that she discovered that she’s a believer and that invasive technology really exists.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Janelle Brown Rides High At The Moment

A trailer dropped for Season 18 of the TLC show, and in just over a week, the show will return. Because she cursed Kody and told him to basically shut up, fans are all about her. They follow her avidly, hoping to hear her say more about spoilers for the show. Also, they follow her to tell her that they admire her for sticking up for her independence.

The Sister Wives star has been enjoying summer in her RV and she caught up with Christine and David Woolley. Next, she went to Florida for a fun family reunion. However, it seemed to be her side of the family rather than Kody’s that got together. At the moment, she’s spending time with her daughter, Maddie Brown Brush. And it was there that she decided invasive technology is the real deal.

Janelle Brown

Sister Wives Spoilers – The Phone Is Listening To Janelle Brown

On August 11, Kody’s former second wife took to her Instagram and sounded astonished, excited, and upset all the same time. She told her TLC fans that she discovered that her phone really is listening to her conversations. In her caption, she said, “They are listening!” Well hello, Janelle! Welcome to “1984,” “Animal Farm” and other Orwellian theories that abound on the Internet.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Discovers Invasive Technology Exists
Janelle Brown / Instagram

The Sister Wives star explained, “They really are listening.” She added, “I didn’t even look for something on my phone.” It turned out, that they were chatting about things the night before and suddenly, she got a “Paypal Coupon”  for what they were talking about, So she said, “like wow!”

Sister Wives Spoilers – TLC Fans Agree Something Dodgy Is Happening

Sister Wives fans who reacted have also heard about technology being invasive. Actually, it all seems very dodgy, they agree. Who gave anyone the right to invade their homes and private thoughts?

One follower replied, saying, “Yes they listen, they track which ads you watch and what you search on google, etc.”

Another one opined, “They are always listening.”

Who are They? Well, for want of a better word, perhaps it’s easiest just to call them “Big Brother.” And even if “They” are listening, what are you gonna do about it? “Call Ghostbusters?”

What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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