Sister Wives: If Pictures Tell Stories Is Truely Pulling Away From David?

Truely Brown Sister Wives starlet Truely Brown is 13 years old and recently, she went through a split when her parents went their separate ways. Well, it’s not easy for any child to see their life unravel before their eyes. So far, the news is that she loves Christine Brown’s new fiance, David Woolley, but recent photos seem to tell a different story.

Sister Wives Spoilers –  Truely Brown In The Spotlight

In Season 17, TLC fans aw that the show revealed some awkward moments between Christine’s youngest daughter and her dad, Kody. That came when it was time to say goodbye and leave for Utah. Actually, fans felt furious because Kody kept pushing her to ask if she was happy about the move. As she looked uncomfortable, many people thought that he was being nasty. So, fans cheered when David Woolley appeared on the scene.

Sister Wives fans heard from Christine that her daughter really likes David. That came soon after the news arrived that she had a new boyfriend. Actually, her big sister, Gwendlyn hinted that Truely might call him “dad.” But is she really all that delighted at the prospect of a new dad? Recent photos of Christine and her family seem to indicate to TLC fans that she might be pulling away from David. Is the bond as close as people think?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Photos Of Truely Brown

Recently, Christine has been sharing photos of a trip to California Adventure and Disneyland. In her caption, she said, “Had a BLAST,” She also reminded fans that she went to “Club 33.” Several photos showed Truely who seems to like wearing her dark shades. One of them which was clearly not spontaneous, showed her with her sister Ysabel and her mom as they group-cuddled with David. In that picture, Truely seemed to be reluctantly pulled towards David.

Sister Wives If A Picture Tells A Story Is Truely Pulling Away from David
Christine Brown / Instagram

Sister Wives fans noticed that in another photo, it seemed that the young teen was turning her entire body away from David as if seeking comfort from Ysabel. Admittedly, she is a teen and teenagers can be a bit awkward and moody, but people felt concerned. Some of them talked about the possibility that she isn’t close to David and tries to pull away.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Truely Brown Pulling Away From David David Woolley?

One Sister Wives fan said in the comments, “[Truely Brown] looks like she’s pulling away from the boyfriend.”

Another follower agreed, saying, “same thought! It says a lot (sic.)”

More followed, like this comment: “Truly’s body language in these pictures say so much.”

Plenty of people rushed to say that the kid is just a teen and that she was just being a “typical teenager.”  Meanwhile, others recalled that even with Kody, she didn’t really like cuddling and too much touchy-feely stuff.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Truely Brown looks as if she’s pulling away from David Woolley? Let us know in the comments below.

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