Sister Wives Fans Flood Janelle’s Rooting Post

Sister Wives fans adore Janelle Brown mainly because she used the “F” word on Kody in the trailer for Season 18. However,  most of them always liked her because she has some nice kids and she smiled more often than the rest of the wives. Actually, Christine used to look down a lot. Meanwhile, Meri always looked miserable, and Robyn wasn’t exactly Mrs. Put The Fun Out There. Now, TLC fans are flooding the comments of Janelle’s social media post about rooting.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Janelle Brown Is Living Her Best Life

Right now, there are too many rumors that Janelle Brown might compromise and return to Kody. Fans fervently hope that they just stay rumors and don’t become fact. When the summer arrived, she took out her trailer and went road-tripping. Additionally, she caught up with family in Florida, went boating, and had a general blast. TLC fans agree that freedom looks good on her,

Sister Wives fans have seen several previews of the new season, and they like that Janelle won’t be shut down. She’s not afraid to tell her man to give her the space to have her say. Of course, with him, it’s never his fault when things go wrong, but she won’t just take his accusations anymore. So fans are rooting for her. This week, she got into the rooting thing and shared a post that got a flood of comments.

Janelle Brown

Sister Wives Spoilers – The Rooting Post By Janelle Brown

On August 7, Kody’s former second wife took to her Instagram and shared a nice video of herself. She looked young, slim, and relaxed outside her RV. In her hand, she held a massive coffee mug. Swilling a beverage from it, fans could see it said, “ROOT For your DAMN SELF.”

Sister Wives Fans Flood Janelle's Rooting Post
Janelle Brown / Instagram

Sister Wives fans loved the mug and the message. Why does it make people think that Garrison or Gabe got it for her? Hah! She could have gotten it for herself. After all, they share a similar sense of humor in her family.

Sister Wives Spoilers – TLC Fans React In The Comments

Sister Wives fans took to the comments and they all wanted to say something. One of them wrote, “Yes please root for yourself because we are all rooting for you ❤️?❤️.”

Another one used the opportunity to recall. “? nicely done with the F bomb. No more perfect time ever existed in that moment. Good job we’re all proud of you..”

Here’s another reaction: “Love to see you being the strong woman you are, your kids have an amazing role model in you x.”

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC show right now. Come back here often for all the Sister Wives’ spoilers, news, and updates.

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