Sister Wives: Did Kody Brown And Robyn Cancel Plans Of Building Homes On Coyote Pass Land After Family Breakdown

It seems like Kody Brown and his last wife standing Robyn Brown hit the breaks on commencing building on their Coyote Pass Land. Back in 2018, Kody and his then-four wives bought four parcels of land in Flagstaff, Arizona, and named it Coyote Pass. The initial plan was to divide the land into five so that he and his wives would build their own houses where they would all stay with their children.

Since his polygamous marriage with Meri, 52, Janelle, 54, and Christine, 51, failed, leaving him with his last and only wife Robyn, Kody has no zeal to commence building on the said land. Following their divorce from Kody, Christine and Meri moved to Utah. On July 28, 2023, Christine signed over the parcel in her name to Kody and Robyn.

Sister Wives Spoilers — Kody Brown Doesn’t Think They’ll Be “Building On This Property”

When the 18th installment of their reality TV show premiered on August 20, viewers saw that Janelle is the only person still interested in building a house on her own portion of land.

Kody Brown

Speaking with her friend Christine, Janelle who was unpacking her belongings revealed her plans for her dream home.

The mom of two said, “I thought we would be so much further along in the building process, but that’s just taken a long time.” She then proceeded to bring out a large piece of paper containing her building plans.

She shared with Christine how she intends for her daughter Savannah, 18, to attend school from there.

In a confessional Christine said, “I think if Janelle wants to build then she should definitely build. The thing is I know that they haven’t paid off the property.”

Meanwhile, Kody said in his confessional, “I don’t think we’re going to be building on this property by spring. Coming up with money to pay off Coyote Pass… very difficult.

Coming up with a down payment on a house… not hard. We could’ve done that but Janelle was refusing to do that.”

Sister Wives Spoilers — Kody And Robyn Brown Has No Plans To Start Building

An insider close to the Browns told “The U.S. Sun” exclusively that the dad of 18 has no plans whatsoever concerning Coyote Pass land. “Kody and Robyn have no plans for building on Coyote Pass – at least not at this point,” said the insider.

“There have been no talks whatsoever. It’s very expensive and they have to come to an agreement on what their plans actually are,” continued the source while adding, “Meri’s life is in Utah now and especially after she and Kody divorced, she has no plans to be living anywhere close to her ex.”

A different source told “The U.S. Sun” that Kody and Robyn have plans to relocate to Vegas because the sole reason Coyote Pass was purchased in the first place has been defeated.

The reason was for all his wives to build their own houses so that they could all live together.

According to the sources, “To be honest, Kody is really looking to relocate back to Vegas. He believed that Coyote Pass was only possible if everyone was included in it. But now it’s kind of pointless to stay in a situation that doesn’t make sense anymore. The whole point of moving to Arizona was to build a giant home for the family.”

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