Sister Wives Fans Discuss Christine Brown Gushing Like A Teen

Sister Wives Sister Wives fans watched the TLC show for over a decade and Christine Brown seemed unhappy for much of the time. Now that she left Kody, she seems to be over the moon about her new boyfriend, David Woolley, In fact, she seems to be gushing about her new man as if she were still a teenager. Naturally, her fans discussed it on social media.

Sister Wives Spoilers –  Christine Brown Struggled With Jealousy

Season after season revealed the inner pain of Kody’s third wife. Recall, she refused the idea of living in one big mansion in Flagstaff. The reason seemed to be that she couldn’t stand to see Kody being affectionate with any of the other wives. If he took one of them on a date, fans saw her torturing herself as she was consumed by jealousy. Now that she’s dating David Woolley, the jealousy levels have fallen. However, fans seem uneasy because she gushes about him like a teen.

Sister Wives fans who tuned in to watch the series really tried to get their heads around the idea of women sharing a man. Most TLC viewers urged the women to get the heck out and find someone who would love and adore and only them. In fact, for many years, Meri Brown was the target of those types of comments. However, Kody’s third wife was the first out the door. By her own admission, she couldn’t bear seeing Robyn getting all the attention from Kody. But these days, there are no other women in her new man’s life. Is that why she’s head over heels like a sixteen-year-old?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Brown Found David Woolley

This weekend Truely’s mom posted up a nice photo of herself with David. Then she wrote in her caption, “I can’t express how amazing it’s been to have David in my life. He’s an incredible man and he treats me like his Queen.” Additionally, her hashtags added more: ” #unbelievablyhappy, and #myking.” While a lot of people cautioned David not to hurt her, others wondered about her gushing over a man at the age of 50.

Sister Wives Star Christine Gushes About David Woolley
Christine Brown / Instagram

Some Sister Wives fans discussed that she probably gushes about David because after Kody, who wouldn’t? However, it seems that some people gave it some deeper thought. They seemed to think that really, Christine Brown had never really had a chance to date anyone properly. Bear in mind, the same year she graduated high school, she met Kody who was married to Meri at the time.

Sister Wives Spoilers – A Brand New Experience

Sister Wives fans discussed the fact that probably for the first time in her life, Christine hasn’t got anyone else vying for the affection of her man. One of them wrote, “Imagine how it must feel to experience [this] for the first time at this age.”

Another follower wrote, “You’re not sharing him with 3 other women! This is why non-polygamists will never understand polygamy!”

Of course, some people feared that if things go wrong with David, it will destroy her. So, some of them caution her. After all, she never experienced affection that she could claim was all her own. You don’t have to be a teenager to feel devastated when things go wrong. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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