Sister Wives Christine Brown Shares The Latest On Daughter Truely, Following Fans’ Concerns

Sister Wives Christine Brown Shares The Latest On Daughter Truely, Following Fans' Concerns“Sister Wives” fans showed their concern over Christine Brown’s 13-year-old daughter Truely Brown. It all started after seeing pictures taken from the family’s recent trip to Disneyland. A trip which also featured Christine’s fiancé David Woolley.

From the pictures posted by Christine on her Instagram account, Truely posed with her sister Ysabel, 20, her mom Christine, and her mom’s soon-to-be husband. In some of the pictures, it was evident that Truely wanted to be anywhere but near David.

While she gave half smiles in her poses with Christine and Ysabel, she resisted smiling in the pictures David is in, she even made every effort to avoid physical contact with David by leaning on Ysabel.

After careful examination of the photos, fans concluded that all is indeed not well with the teenager.

Sister Wives — Fans’ Reactions To Truely’s Behaviour

Fans are of the opinion that Truely is pulling away from David because she felt Christine’s engagement to him is too early. Last month, Christine announced that David popped the question and she said yes.

Taking to the comment section, a fan said, “Truely looks like she’s pulling away from the boyfriend.” Another seconded the comment, “I thought that as well. Maybe more comfortable hugging her sis than her stepdad at that moment?”

The next person had a different view altogether, “Is Truely ok? Looks sad. It would have been nice if they took one of her friends for her to have someone near her age w three (almost) adults. Disneyland is supposed to be the happiest place on earth!!”

The latest photos posted by Christine will set their minds at ease. The photos included the route Christine takes during her morning walk with Truley. In her post, Christine explained that she enjoys walking Truely to school.

The post reads, “Walking Truely to school is one of my favorite things to do. The atmosphere in the mornings is just breathtaking.” From the photos, Truely is seen smiling brightly and holding onto her mom.

Sister Wives — Truely Once Bit David

Last month, during a hangout between Christine, Truely, and David, Christine shared a video of them hanging out however, somewhere in the video it was heard that Truely bit David.

It happened while Christine was saying to the camera, “We’re in David’s Razor, it’s absolutely stunning and beautiful, and David basically says it’s like Disneyland with no rides!”

David cut in saying, “Ah, she just bit me!” Christine had to play the peacemaker, saying, “Really, Truely? Be nice to David!” But Truely wasn’t interested in being nice as she said, “No.”

After seeing the video, a fan asked, “Does anyone think this is too much too fast? For Christine and Truely? I know the show is a year (or more) behind, but I hope there was some settling time before jumping into another relationship. I’m 100% team Christine.”

Another opined, “Not too fast for Christine but too fast for Truely. My parents divorced when I was 16 and I wouldn’t have wanted to be around any of their love interests but all kids are different.”

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